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Voting Precincts Added


Comal County commissioners on Thursday approved the creation of five new voting precincts for the 2018 elections.

State law requires that voting precincts contain no more than 5,000 people, and that changes to precincts happen only in March or April of odd-number years. Several precincts are over the limit or getting close to it, leading to today’s creation of the following new precincts:

1. Precinct 107, which includes the Vintage Oaks subdivision between SH 46, FM 2722 and FM 3159;
2. Precinct 207, between SH 46, FM 1863 and FM 3009, which along with expanding Precinct 202 reduces the population of Precinct 203, which includes the Copper Ridge and Oak Run subdivisions;
3. Precinct 208, which includes Fair Oaks Ranch, west of Blanco Road;
4. Precinct 306, on the county’s eastern edge, created to reduce the size of Precinct 304, which includes the Creeskide area; and
5. Precinct 407, essentially comprising the River Chase subdivision.

On its Facebook page, Comal County said the county added the precincts due to unprecedented growth.

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