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Vulcan Criticizes Bulverde Resolution


Vulcan Materials Company today criticized City of Bulverde’s June 12 resolution opposing its proposed 1,500-acre open-pit limestone quarry, calling the measure “false and baseless.”

Spokesperson Scott Burnham said Vulcan disagrees with the resolution’s assertion that Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) approval of an air-quality permit needed for the quarry would negatively impact Bulverde residents and the surrounding area.

“It’s a false and baseless statement,” Burnham said in an email. “As part of the review process, TCEQ has determined the permit application meets all local, state and federal air quality standards and Comal Quarry will operate with the same high standards that have resulted in a top tier safety and environmental record for our company.”

Vulcan took issue with this clause in the City of Bulverde’s resolution: “WHEREAS, approval of this permit will result in significant negative impacts to health, safety, and welfare of citizens; water quality and availability; the watershed and floodplain; air quality; traffic flow; roadway safety; cultural and archaeological resources; wildlife habitat; and property values within City of Bulverde corporate limits and extraterritorial jurisdiction; and…”

Click here to see Resolution No. 305.

Bulverde Will Request Hearing

City of Bulverde, the self-described Front Porch of the Texas Hill Country, opposes the proposed quarry at at FM 3009 and SH-46, between Bulverde, Spring Branch, Garden Ridge and New Braunfels.

The city stated its intention to directly request a contested-case hearing with the city as an affected party, as well as submitting to TCEQ formal recommendations for tighter permit restrictions and requirements.

Sabrina Houser Amaya, one of the activists spearheading opposition to the quarry through Stop 3009 Vulcan Quarry, said she’s thrilled with the resolution and hopes Comal County commissioners will “take heed in this proactive stance.”

“We are grateful to Mayor Bill Krawietz and the Bulverde City Council in standing with and supporting their constituents and area residents in the fight to protect our health, safety, and the natural resources of our beautiful Hill Country,” she said.

TCEQ’s Response to Comments for Vulcan Quarry Permit #147392L001 is still pending.

City of Spring Branch Passed Similar Resolution

The city of Spring Branch passed a similar resolution on Feb. 13.

To see Resolution 201-1, click here.

Vulcan Materials Defends Quarry

On its issues-management site, vulcancomalquarry.com, the company rebuts allegations about the quarry and its other operations.

The company says it will

  • Establish 600+ acres of buffer, setbacks, non-mining areas and natural landscape, accounting for more than 40 percent of the property.
  • Meet or exceed regulations and guidelines established by local, state and federal laws and regulatory agencies.
  • Protect air quality by following requirements to ensure emissions meet best available control technologies and are protective of public health.
  • Preserve and protect local water resources, aquifers and wells, recycle water, manage stormwater and utilize effective dust-control measures.
  • Maintain landscaped and vegetated buffers and paved entrance.

“We’re no stranger to Texas or Comal County. We currently operate 15 quarries and several other facilities in Texas, and we’ve been operating in the San Antonia area since the 1970s.

“Through the years, Vulcan has supplied product to nearly 200 customers in Comal County. Vulcan purchased more than $1.73 million in goods and services from Comal County-based businesses in 2016. We also contract with nearly 20 local vendors, supporting jobs and adding to household income.”

To read Vulcan’s direct rebuttal of other criticisms and accusations, click here.

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  1. Really? June 20, 2018

    Oh, Jesus. Surprise, surprise! A business developer “criticizes” objections to their plan. Wow. What a surprise….NOT.

    Guess what? Expect this kind of thing, people. If you object, based on esthetics, air quality, traffic, etc. All business interests see is their bottom line, not stuff like esthetics, air quality, scenic values, and things like that.

    If you really want to object, you better have your “A-game” on, because the tax revenues and bottom lines usually win out.


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