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Water Situation Improves North of the Lake

Canyon Lake Water Service Company said on Friday it is working hard to improve water conditions in all areas. This map shows several major multi-year projects nearing completion or underway.

Canyon Lake Water Service Company (CLWSC) announced Friday afternoon it will now allow limited irrigation on the north and west sides of Canyon Lake, Spring Branch and Bulverde, and reiterated its commitment to providing adequate water supply for these communities.

New transmission lines along Hwy 281 from the Guadalupe River crossing to Rodeo Drive went into production Aug. 22, alleviating concerns about conditions in the utility’s water-storage facilities. Transmission lines extending from Rodeo Drive to Singing Hills go online Sept. 6.

CLWSC also released on Facebook detailed information about other “multi-year projects” nearing completion that will improve water conditions in all areas.

New Watering Advisories

Effective immediately for the north and west sides of Canyon Lake, including the cities of Bulverde and Spring Branch, Mystic Shores, Rebecca Creek, River Crossing, Singing Hills, Hidden Trails, Edgebrook and Copper Canyon:

  • Hand-watering, or watering by soaker hose and drip irrigation is now permitted from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. to 7 p.m. any day of the week.
  • Landscape watering by automatic, in-ground, or sprinkler systems is not allowed.
  • No new sod should be planted.

Residents who live on the south and east sides of Canyon Lake, including Sattler, Startzville, Vintage Oaks, Myer Ranch and Mountain Springs Ranch are still under a year-round watering schedule.

Also included in this schedule are Ventana, Glenwood, Summit North, Northpoint, Rust Ranch and Deer Creek.

Multi-Year Projects Near Completion

CLWSC said several major, multi-year projects will alleviate some of the stress on water supplies created by rapid growth in Canyon Lake and along the Hwy 281 corridor.

They include:

  • A capital improvement project for new transmission lines around Hwy 281 just south of the Guadalupe River Crossing, scheduled for completion in several weeks. Once these lines are tested and moved into production, CLWSC said it will be able to move water more quickly into storage tanks in River Crossing, Singing Hills and Bulverde.
  • By the end of August, another section of transmission line will be installed on FM 306. This multi-year project, scheduled for completion in 2020, will improve CLWSC’s ability to move water from Mystic Shores and Canyon Lake Shores Water Treatment Plant to Hwy 281 and south of Spring Branch and Bulverde.
  • By October, newly installed booster pumps in Mystic Shores will increase CLWSC’s ability to quickly recover water-storage levels and increase water volume to storage tanks along Hwy 281 south to Bulverde.
  • Also by October, a new storage tank in Lantana Ridge will augment current sorage facilities in Spring Branch and Bulverde.
  • This month, CLWSC begins work on a new water-transmission line in Startzville that will increase the volume of water moving from water-storage facilities in Startzville to customers in Waggner Ranch, Inland Estates, Vintage Oaks and Meyer Ranch.

Coming Next Year:

  • A new storage tank in Ventana that would allow CLWSC to serve additional customers in Ventana, Glenwood and Belle Oaks (a new development). Expected completion is March 2020.
  • A new interconnection with Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority (GBRA) on FM 3159 that will allow CLWSC to move more water, more quickly into storage facilities that serve Waggner Ranch, Inland Estates,Vintage Oaks and Meyer Ranch. Expected completion is 2020.
  • A new interconnection and new storage tank in design on Stahl Lane that will relieve stress on the River Crossing water-storage tank and provide more water to Hidden Trails, Edgebrook and Copper Canyon, in Bulverde. Expected completion is 2020.
  • A proposed new storage tank that would serve Waggner Ranch, Inland Estates, Vintage Oaks and Meyer Ranch. Tentative location is Meyer Ranch. CLWSC did not release a timeline for this project.

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