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water clarification system
A water clarification system at CLWSC's Canyon Lake Shores facility.
water tower
SJWTX's Hillcrest Tower.
frozen pipe
File image.
Matthew Hoyt
Image courtesy of Edwards Aquifer Authority.
Sharlene Leurig
Image courtesy of Texas Water Trade.
water tank
Image courtesy of SJWTX.
TCEQ headquarters
sjwtx logo
File image.
SJWTX water plant
SJWTX's Park Shores water facility. File image.
aquifer sign
Image courtesy of the Edwards Aquifer Alliance.
File image.
Dead Tree
Texas A&M Forest Service says drought alone may not kill trees, but it could be the "tipping domino" of tree mortality. File image.
Canyon Lake residents are asked to conserve water by reducing landscape watering with sprinkler or irrigation systems to every other week. Image courtesy of SJWTX.
CLWSC facility on Canyon Lake
SJWTX sources its water from Canyon Lake Reservoir and groundwater from the Trinity Aquifer. These sources are often blended together in the distribution system.
CLWSC said it is working diligently to protect its customers from outages caused by severe winter storms like the one in February 2021. File image.
One Well
Fourth-graders in Comal ISD will each receive a copy of this book on Thursday.
new braunfels utilities
This is the second time this year New Braunfels Utilities has returned to Stage 1 restrictions.
Canyon Lake's Pct. 4 Comal County Commissioner Jen Crownover, far right, backed up constituents who spoke out against charging a fee at county boat ramps on Thursday. She called for more public input and collaboration. June 16 file image courtesy of Comal County.
comal county courthoue
Comal County's historic courthouse in New Braunfels.
clwsc employee
Canyon Lake Water Service Company said its employees' expertise will allow the company to reliably operate and maintain the Texas Country Water System. Image of an employee at the Triple Peak Plant courtesy of CLWSC.
tap water
Customers in most areas are restricted to outdoor water use only but the situation in Blanco is so dire the city has cases of water and a filled water truck on standby. File image.
sjwtx office
File image of SJWTX's Sattler/Canyon Lake office.
Image courtesy of SJWTX, dba Canyon Lake Water Service Company.
soaker hose
No spray irrigation is permitted on Wednesdays or weekends, but hand-watering or watering by soaker hose, bucket, and drip irrigation is allowed any day of the week between 7 to 10 a.m. or from 7 to 10 p.m. File image.
SJWTX sources its water from Canyon Lake Reservoir and groundwater from the Trinity Aquifer. These sources are often blended together in the distribution system.
water restrictions
Canyon Lake-area customers are currently under SJWTX's year-round watering schedule.