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Before it was a widely popular tourist destination, Canyon Lake was a huge construction project.

mysanantonio.com, the online version of San Antonio-Express, on June 16 posted 1962 photographs of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers project.

Click here to see those images.

Canyon Lake Dam and Canyon Lake were built to control flooding along the Guadalupe River.

The article, with a 26-image photo gallery, also showcases images of the disastrous 2002 flood.

Anniversary Celebration

On May 2, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Canyon Lake Office and the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority (GBRA) celebrate the anniversary at 01 Corps of Engineers Road.  The Corps Canyon Lake office is located off South Access Road.

According to a press release issued by gbra.org, construction of Canyon Dam and Reservoir was completed in 1964.  By 1966, with the reservoir declared full, Canyon Dam was officially dedicated by regional and national officials.

In June 1991, the USACE and GBRA held a Silver Celebration and Rededication Ceremony for Canyon Dam and Reservoir.

USACE staff estimated that the project’s flood protection  prevented nearly $1.2 billion in damages.

Only one time in the project’s history had waters flowed over the spillway and that was in July 2002 after 34 inches of rain fell in the upper part of the Guadalupe River Watershed.

The Corps mission in Canyon Lake is to provide flood-damage reduction to the Guadalupe River Basin below Canyon Lake, manage the area’s natural land and water resources, and offer some of the “best” water recreation opportunities in Texas.

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