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Wildlife Rescue Group Warns Public Against Feeding Bread to Waterfowl

Flickr image of ducks on a lake by Farm5.

After an uptick in calls to its hotline, Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, Inc. (WRR)  in nearby Kendalia warns the public not to feed bread to ducks or waterfowl.

Bread is actually harmful “junk food” for ducks, geese and others. Its high-calorie content leads to serious deficiencies in vital nutrients critical to the health of birds. Ducklings and goslings can only thrive with a more-natural and diverse diet.

“If you are someone who cares deeply about the welfare and protection of water birds, please do not feed them bread or corn,” said WRR founder and President Lynn Cuny. “Both these foods can cause irreparable damage to the development of young ducks and geese as well as harm the overall health of adult birds. If you want to give them helpful foods, romaine lettuce and waterfowl diet that you purchase at feed stores are the best choices.”

Another healthy choice for waterfowl is halved grapes.

Cuny said discarded bread also leads to increased algae growth and pollution that can clog waterways and harm other populations of wildlife like fish, amphibians and crustaceans.

And don’t even think about corn — it’s just as bad for waterfowl as it is for deer.



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