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Wright Resigns as Comal ISD Medical Consultant after Inappropriate Remarks, Views on COVID-19 in Children, Surface on Facebook

Dr. Erin Wright today said she is stepping down from her role as medical consultant for Comal ISD.

Two days after she was hired to provide Comal ISD with a “fresh perspective” on health issues like COVID-19, Dr. Erin Wright resigned as the district’s medical consultant, citing a social-media campaign that discredited her professionalism.

Hours after it was announced on Friday that she had replaced Dr. Emily Briggs, who served as medical consultant for the last seven years, screenshots of posts Wright made on her personal Facebook page over the summer began cropping up on other Facebook pages like “Living Blue in Comal County,” which shared 20 images.

They include comments like “COVID 19 should be renamed the Common Core Virus, because this s**t isn’t adding up, either,” claims that children don’t contract the virus, statements indicating she is opposed to prolonged mask-wearing for children, and images suggesting that Democratic vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris is a prostitute who rose to prominence because of an alleged sexual relationship with a prominent California politician.

In a statement released today, Wright said her personal beliefs were unfairly used to discredit the administration and staff of Comal ISD:

“Over the past 24 hours, anonymous individuals on social media have instigated a campaign to discredit my professionalism by taking out of context past commentary I have made that reflect my personal and political beliefs. I make no apologies for being a conservative, and my personal viewpoints do not negate my ability to do my job as a physician nor as a mother.

“Nothing I have posted publicly gives any individual the ability to know me or judge me as a person. Those who do know me can and will attest to my character and abilities to perform my job.

“Unfortunately, my personal beliefs are being used unfairly to discredit the administration and staff of Comal ISD. As such, I have made the decision to withdraw as Comal ISD’s medical consultant and want to thank the district for giving me the opportunity to serve in this capacity.”

On Friday, Comal ISD Supt. Andrew Kim said in a press release that Wright, who has four children, would be able to look at school health issues from “both sides.”

“We will look to Erin to provide our district with a fresh perspective on increasingly complex health services for our school district,” he said. “Health and safety as a big priority for us, especially as we look to protect more than 25,000 students and 3,000 faculty and employees during a pandemic.”

Comal ISD Director of Communications Steve Stanford said the district understands Wright’s decision to resign.

“We want to thank Dr. Wright for her willingness to serve as the district’s medical consultant and understand her decision to resign from the position at this time,” he said. “It is unfortunate that social media has been used to publicly judge and discredit Dr. Wright as she is a highly qualified physician who has demonstrated the highest level of professionalism throughout all her interactions with the district.”

Wright works as a full-time hospitalist at New Braunfels and San Antonio-area facilities and serves in a part-time capacity as medical director for a local hospice center.

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  1. Becky Jones October 11, 2020

    This woman is horrible. I’m so happy her vile, toxic personality is finally exposed for the public to see. Conservatives should be disavowing her…unless of course they are racist, anti-science bigots too. Anyone who can actively support Trump after everything he’s said and done neither has a heart nor a brain and I wouldn’t want to see a physician like that.

  2. K October 8, 2020

    Living Blue in Comal County is a hate group. They don’t say anything good about Biden/Harris. All they do is bash Trump supporters, they are a bunch of hateful, vindictive, unhappy individuals that only hide behind a keyboard with fake names and profiles!

  3. Angela Battaglia October 7, 2020

    Nothing this doctor said is incorrect nor does it have anything to do with race. It is all true, factual and published. I am going to start going to her if she is accepting new patients.

    1. Mary Stahl October 7, 2020

      True factual and published. You are wrong. I now know one doctor I will NOT see.

      Psychosis explains it all.

    2. Sally L October 7, 2020

      I wouldn’t take the kids. And by the way, actually what she said is not factual.

  4. Bob Trotter October 7, 2020

    “What I publicly say and what I believe in my heart should not be used to determine who I am”.

    So no one can take this doctor at her word. We are to assume what advice she gives, may not be really what she is thinking. This “doctor” should stop speaking. The more she says, the worse she looks.

    She states her hate full comments are from a conservative. No, her comments are coming from a racist attitude. Calling Harris a prostitute! There are repercussions from making such outrageous comments. Rush Limbaugh can get away with such comments, he is nothing but a talking head. He brings no value to society; but he is another story.

  5. Bob Dobbs October 6, 2020

    “What I publicly say and what I believe in my heart should not be used to determine who I am”.

  6. O. Pat October 5, 2020

    I have the privilege of knowing this beautiful person and awesome physician. She has been at the bedside of countless patients and family members during there difficult times and has shown compassion and love for them. We care for our patients regardless of age, race, political views or how abusive a patient can be. We love our job and do it no matter the stress, difficulty, dangers, emotionally heart wrenching decisions and exhaustion.. She has been there during a patient’s last breath and giving good news to scared family members, She is loved by many patients, doctors and nurses. She has the right to have her own opinions and freedom to express them. Our patients views and background have no effect on how they are cared for. Before attacking her I want you all to ask yourself If your doctors didn’t have the same views as you would you stop seeing them. If so, your list of doctors would diminish. We all have family and friends who do not agree with our views and posts but I would hope they do not attack you for it. I am a proud American and like the fact that we can all have different opinions and express them if we so choose.

  7. Josh A October 5, 2020

    Soooo who will the District use now that all the “Saints” that live in the District have forced her resignation. There is going to be NO ONE who will want to deal with the scrutiny of what this will now bring with it.

  8. Jason Thomas October 5, 2020

    I’m glad this doctor resigned. Had she been black with a Facebook page filled with anti-Trump propaganda, the community would have demanded that she be put on the first train out of town. And Peaches, just because you chose to identify your race, you do NOT speak for other blacks in the community, definitely not for me!

  9. Jason October 5, 2020

    I’m glad this doctor resigned. Had she been black with a Facebook page filled with anti-Trump propaganda, the community would have demanded that she be put on the first train out of town. And Peaches, just because you chose to identify your race, you do NOT speak for other blacks in the community, definitely not for me!

    1. Peaches Kelly October 6, 2020

      That’s why these things get exaggerated. Please ask someone to read my comment again for you.. No where in that comment did I say I was speaking for all blacks. It says I, and my, never a word that I was speaking for all blacks. I will not respond to anyone else on this matter.

  10. Poe October 5, 2020

    I saw the meme she posted. Yes it was in bad taste but what makes it racist? Because Harris is black? Take the same meme and replace the two people with Donald and Melania. Is it still racist? I am going to guess you answer is no because she is white. Ok, if a black man posted it either one of these two options would it be racist? Nothing stated was racist.

  11. N.garza October 5, 2020

    Why cant people think or feel what they want to without a bunch of self acclaimed hypocrites whining about someone saying what I’m sure alot of us Americans often agree with but dont ever have the balls to say? If something someone says offends u, ignore it. Didnt your momma teach u that at a young age? Sticks and stones…no? Well buck up cause its 2020 & if people like you all complaining havent noticed, anyone can say whatever the fuck they want. And they will. Just did. Does it define us as people to think a certain way or believe certain things or be a less educated doctor or teacher or cashier or whatever? No. Not at all. Cause doing our jobs have nothing to do with how we are also our own person and believe in certain things on a personable level. So way to go dr.wright for being YOU. ..outside of your job of course cause then thatd be unprofessional and that my dear, you arent. If we all believed in the same things or our opinions were always the same or no one was outspoken we’d be a country of a bunch of lil bitches all doing the same things and never speaking up so go girl! Be OUTSPOKEN!

  12. Shelly Sims October 5, 2020

    The bullies win again.

    1. E Lude October 6, 2020

      Please explain your statement. The FB posts were from the physician. These were pointed out by concerned citizens. Regardless the posts were hurtful, ugly and racist.

  13. Jim Nobles October 5, 2020

    Free speech does not encompass accusing a black woman of being a prostitute that has had a high profile career as an attorney. Why was this accusation made, it was because she was black. No one has the right to impugn someone’s character with false accusations filled with hate. This is how libel suits are filed.

    Now Dr Wright would say what she has stated is not false. Her delusional rantings cause concern; even more so since she is a physician.

    She then stated children do not contract covid! This is an outrageous statement from a physician.

    Most reasonable folks, would not have anything to do with her in a professional capacity, if they knew the outrageous poisonous barbs she was spouting.

    Comal ISD has again shown they are incompetent. We really need to vote in new board members that display rational thought processes.

    New Braunfels is becoming known as a community that undermines minorities. With hate filled Trump train displays, school board hostile at times to minorities……

    Much needs to change.

    1. Mike October 5, 2020

      Move to San Antonio..

    2. MDF October 5, 2020

      Seems you’re not happy here. May I suggest an address change?

    3. Gene Stray October 5, 2020

      Unfortunately Kamala did have an affair well documented in San Francisco’s press. It is not a false accusation.

      The CDC issue a statement and data showing that children under the age of 12 are less likely to contract Covid virus. Their immune system is far stronger than an adult.

      What I have stated here is fact and you can look it up on nexus news service.

    4. Travis McMillian October 6, 2020

      The “affair” that occurred was with a man separated from his wife over 10 years. As usual facts are conveniently left out. The complete truth is here:


      Wright displays hatred. Children do contract covid and some die. To state children do not contract covid is negligent coming from a doctor.

      As to the personalities suggesting to move to a different city, Hate filled and racist conduct must always be rooted out and eliminated; no matter where it is found.

      As has been said, no one has the right to libel a persons good name and expect to be excused for such conduct. Fortunately for Wright she is small fry that is unimportant to Harris’s reputation.

      She has been held accountable for her reprehensible behavior on social media. I have to wonder how skilled and capable she is as a doctor based on her immature and outrageous comments o social media.

  14. Peaches Kelly October 5, 2020

    My name is Peaches Kelly. I read what was written by Dr. Wright on her Facebook, and I don’t agree with what she said, but there was nothing racist about it. I saw Freedom of Speech, and that’s why I love America. We’re are all not going to agree on everything, but let’s stop calling what someone says racist because they used a black person’s name. By the way, for the few that don’t know me, I am a proud black woman who have lived in Comal County for over 60 years. Let’s please do good and stop the negativity.

    1. Crissy D October 5, 2020

      Thank you Ms. Peaches. You are a beautiful voice of reason.

    2. Dr Erin Wright October 5, 2020

      Thank you Peaches for your perspective! I would love to hear more of your perspectives sometime. My door is open anytime you want to visit!

    3. Tony October 5, 2020

      Did you just invoke freedom of speech for one person to say hateful things, then tell others to stop talking about her all in one breath? Aren’t both things covered by freedom of speech? Also freedom of speech has to do with prosecution. Nobody’s touching anybody’s freedom of speech here. I don’t think you understand what that means.

    4. Jane baldridge October 6, 2020

      Sweet peaches🤗❤️

  15. Monique October 5, 2020

    This news source is a joke and completely biased to the left wing agenda. Shame on you. There was nothing racist about anything Dr. Wright posted. But because the left claim there was racism that makes it fact I guess.

    1. Larry October 5, 2020

      She did this to herself with her idiotic postings. Seems the right has forgotten the “Personal Responsibility” thing y’all were so fond of.
      Good riddance to bad rubbish,

  16. Tawnya Sanders October 5, 2020

    The meme’s of Harris as a prostitute are sexist. As a female doctor I think she does a disservice for all women. The view that Harris is only where she is today because of a man is sexist. This sexist view may stem from other racists but I do not believe it provides evidence of racism only sexism. Which is sad because she is a woman hurting other women by spreading those ideas.

  17. Kay Hart October 5, 2020

    If you don’t want your professional life affected by your personal nasty politics and COVID-denial, don’t put those views all over social media for the world to see. The kids of Comal ISD deserve to have someone in this role who believes in science and takes COVID seriously.

  18. Dave Parelli October 5, 2020

    She believes kids can’t contract the virus, but these views in no way relate to her ability to do her job. Right. I also love that she feels she can post all the ridiculous and hateful things she wants, but how DARE others point it out. Her statement was full of nothing but blame at others and taking no responsibility. That’s how children react. And yes, this is America, we have freedom of speech. She isn’t going to jail or anything. Freedom of speech does not mean being free from personal responsibility or consequences for your actions.

  19. John smith October 4, 2020

    First of all I don’t believe you know what the definition of “racism” actually is. Leftists use this as their bail out anytime they don’t like what someone else says. She’s never said anything remotely racist. Secondly you have not one clue about the science that exists behind covid. Perhaps your CNN medical degree has you thinking you’re an expert. But you’re not. Dr Wright is well versed in the most recent literature regarding covid and children. This mob rule form of justice you leftists believe so highly in is gonna come back around. Sooner or later everyone ends up under the wheels of it.

  20. Corey h October 4, 2020

    Just because someone doesnt agree with your opinion, doesnt mean you should slander them and have them removed from their job. Thats taking food and shelter away from them. Thats the ultimate form of being despicable.

    1. Fiona Draughavich October 4, 2020

      First of all, it’s not slander if it’s written; that’s libel. And it’s not libel if it’s things she actually said.

    2. Dave Parelli October 5, 2020

      1. Simply reposting someone’s own remarks is not slander. Slander is speaking lies about a person. Taking pictures of someone doing something isn’t even close.

      2. Nobody removed her from anything. She resigned.

      3. She still has her job. This was a side gig as a consultant. It even states her day jobs in the article.

  21. Paula Brewer October 4, 2020

    She did not make any racist comments at all Ann’s get views addre just that. The last time I checked this was still America and freedom of speech is still given to all! This makes me sick to my stomach that those liberal tears on the LBICC page can continue to take things real life! Get a hobby!!!

    1. Stacie Borrero October 4, 2020

      Are you kidding? She posted a meme of Kamala as a prostitute.

    2. Dave Parelli October 5, 2020

      Yes, she has the freedom to say whatever she likes. That freedom also comes with responsibility. Her freedom of speech hasn’t been violated in the least. She isn’t being arrested or prosecuted. Freedom of speech does not mean free from consequences. All they did was show what she said. She made that choice. Now she lives with the consequences. This is basic stuff we expect our children to adhere to. And her response of taking no responsibility and blaming others is just that, the way a child reacts.

    3. MG October 5, 2020

      Stacie, that is not being racist. Kamala slept her way to the top. Do you even know the definition of racist?

    4. Tony October 5, 2020

      They are just exercising THEIR freedom of speech. You just said that’s important, right? Or is it only when you agree with people?

  22. Kris G October 4, 2020

    This is absolutely ridiculous that she had to withdraw from this position due to the evil people on Living Blue In Comal County. Comal ISD it’s your lost.

    1. Tracey Guardiola October 4, 2020

      Yes, its disgusting the way they act on that page. Instead of posting their views in a positive way its nothing but screenshots of other page and people that don’t have their beliefs. That whole page is full of hate and they should all be ashamed of themselves for going as far to effect someone’s job.

    2. Ryan October 4, 2020

      Yeah it’s so awful that they have screenshots of people saying racist things!! How dare they let people know what others are saying? LOL.

      This isn’t about different beliefs. It’s about right and wrong. People who post racist stuff shouldn’t get mad when people react to their hate.

    3. Tony October 6, 2020

      How are they evil when what she resigned over were her own words and actions? That’s like somebody getting arrested for a crime and blaming the witness. As if it’s the witnesses fault for seeing what they did.

  23. Crissy D October 4, 2020

    I know Dr. Wright personally and she is an amazing physician with unmatched compassion for her patients. Comal ISD and it’s students and staff are the losers here. Unfortunately some very hateful people out there with a keyboard (living blue in Comal county) Are trying to advance their agenda of fear and hatred to intimidate anyone who doesn’t share their ideals.

    1. Ryan October 4, 2020

      The person with the hateful agenda was Dr Wright, who made blatantly racist posts and got caught. She has no one to blame but herself. Her own words are what damaged her career. No one made her do that.

    2. Fiona D October 4, 2020

      If her ideals are racism and quack science, I hope they keep advancing “their agenda” of “not wanting racists to work within the school system”.

    3. Dave Parelli October 5, 2020

      She said and did what she did, that isn’t even in question, but the people who pointed it out are the hateful ones? How childish.

    4. Sally L October 6, 2020

      Apparently you don’t know her that well if you still defend her hate filled, sexist anti-science stupidity.

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