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You’re Not Guilty — Even if Caller ID Says So

Don't pay up just because caller ID suggests you're receiving a call from Comal County Sheriff or other county offices.

Relax. You’re not guilty.

Comal County Sheriff’s office says scammers are ringing up unsuspecting residents using caller IDs that say sheriff’s office or other Comal County department then threatening them with consequences for failing to appear for jury duty, writing a hot check, or other official-sounding reasons.

On his Facebook page, Sheriff Mark Reynolds office says:  “The caller is then demanding that the person remit payment immediately via credit card, gift cards, or some other form of payment in order to avoid arrest.

“We have noticed this activity increasing in Comal County in recent weeks and advise the public to be cautious when receiving such a call, even if the caller ID looks official.

“The Comal County Sheriff’s Office does not place threatening calls nor will our employees demand payment of any sort over the telephone in order to avoid arrest or some other immediate consequence.

“Not only are the suspects trying to prey upon our citizens by trying to commit this fraud, but falsely identifying yourself as a Peace Officer or Public Official is a serious offense.”

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