Area Cat Rescue Group Offers Tips for Dealing with Mischievous Felines

cat shredding toilet paper
Cats who shred toilet paper may be dealing with unmet needs their owners can resolve. Pinterest image.
Cats who shred toilet paper may be dealing with unmet needs their owners can resolve. Pinterest image.

Cats are like toddlers.

Their needs are simple, but they can’t communicate.

Elena Magallanes with Animal Rescue Connections (ARC), a cat rescue group that helps Canyon Lake-area residents trap, neuter and return feral cats, says behaviors like shredding toilet paper or jumping on kitchen counters are sometimes cats’ ways of getting their owner’s attention.

“Much of what we see from cats stems from these needs either being met or unmet,” she said. “It’s important to note that punishment of undesirable behaviors will not solve the problem. Instead, ARC recommends presenting another option that reflects said undesirable behavior to a better outcome.”

Eliminating Outside the Litter Box

  • Spay or neuter pets.
  • Make sure the litter box is cleaned regularly.
  • Give cats extra attention during big “life changes.”
  • Check with a vet for urinary or other physical problems.

Scratching/Clawing Undesirable Places/Things

  • Put a tall scratching post in places where you spend time with your cats.
  • Keep cats’ claws trimmed. This also prevents claws from getting stuck.
  • Provide toys and floor scratchers cats can use their claws on.

Climbing on/Jumping Places

  • Use a cat tower or furniture the cat is allowed to jump on.

“Curbing feline mischief can indeed feel very frustrating at times,” Magallanes said. “Knowing how to best help your cat and redirect mischief can save both of you much undue stress. Patience is the key. Behaviors cannot be learned/unlearned overnight. When you take the time to help meet the needs of your cat, he/she will be forever grateful.”

About Animal Rescue Connections

Animal Rescue Connections (ARC), a 501(c)(3) organization, works as a compassionate advocate for community cats by promoting Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) of outdoor cats to solve the crisis of over-population at source; by fostering and placing adoptable cats/kittens in good homes; by relocating abandoned outdoor cats to farms, ranches and suitable backyards; and by contributing to a network to get the word out when pets are missing or found.

Primarily serving Bulverde, Comal County, and Northern San Antonio, ARC is an all-foster based organization with volunteers who are passionate about TNR and helpline programs. Since 2004, ARC’s worked to educate and assist in all aspects of animal rescue.

“Like the animals that come our way, ARC may be small, but we make a big difference in people’s and animals’ lives. You can make a difference, too!”

Visit for more information.

To Adopt a Cat from Animal Rescue Connections

Meet the rescue’s furry felines at the PetSmart adoption center, 21019 US Hwy 281 from 5-6:30 p.m. Monday – Friday and 1-4:30 pm Saturday & Sunday. To make alternative arrangements to meet a cat in its foster home, email

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