Canyon Lake Animal Shelter’s New Vice President Resigns, Fate of ‘New’ Board Unknown

A puppy awaits adoption at Canyon Lake Animal Shelter on Feb. 19. Facebook image courtesy of Canyon Lake Animal Shelter Society.
A puppy awaits adoption at Canyon Lake Animal Shelter on Feb. 19. Facebook image courtesy of Canyon Lake Animal Shelter Society.

Canyon Lake Animal Shelter Society’s (CLASS) new Vice President Andrea Mangold has resigned, former vice president Kelly Mayfield announced on Facebook Tuesday.

The length of Mangold’s tenure is unknown because CLASS’s Facebook page is the only public forum where the Mayfields share — then frequently delete — information about the shelter.

CLASS announced the names of its new board members on Monday in a post that has since been deleted. Tuesday, Mayfield posted that Mangold quit after people called her at work to discuss the new board position.

CLASS blocked on Facebook, but according to a screen grab captured by residents who follow the Mayfields’ online posts, other new board members include Amber Clausen, treasurer/secretary, and Ashley Riccardi, board member.

According to other Facebook posts, Clausen is a close friend of Kelly Mayfield who left the Canyon Lake area and moved to Hawaii several years ago.

Darrell Mayfield remains president of CLASS but his wife, the former vice president, appears to have demoted herself to foster/adoption coordinator.

According to Jennifer Gauna with the City of Seguin, Mangold worked for Animal Services from 2012-22.

No further information about CLASS’s plans for the future is available on Facebook, and the Mayfields did not respond to requests for interviews or contact information about new board members from

In their last communication Friday, the Mayfields told they are “undecided” about the shelter’s future. They said they also decided not to share information about former Kennel Manager Jennifer Thompson’s alleged poor performance after consulting with their attorney.

Thompson resigned in January after Mayfield advised her to euthanize a sick puppy by sticking it in the freezer.

However, the Mayfields had plenty to say about Canyon Lake resident Ydalia Villasana, foster-to-adopt for Shadow/Maybelline.

The dog disappeared from her care after the Mayfields picked the animal up on Wednesday to get her retested for heartworms, remove staples, and receive routine vaccines.

Villasana had cared for Shadow as a foster-to-adopt since October 2022 when Thompson dropped the dog off at her home, which has a fenced yard.

In a lengthy and detailed email Friday,  the Mayfields said they decided to remove Shadow from Villasana because of a knee injury that makes her unable to drive and also because of worries about the “ongoing health concerns of the animal” including weight gain and heartworm treatment.

At the bottom of that email they wrote: “The Greatness of a Nation and its Moral Progress can be Judged by the Way It’s (sic) Animals are Treated.” – Ghandi (sic)

The Mayfields did not provide any veterinary care for the Shadow until early February, and despite their recent concern for the dog’s well-being, do not routinely provide veterinary care for the hundreds of animals who have passed through CLASS over the last year, according to eyewitness accounts.

CLASS remains the focus of an ongoing investigation by the Comal County Sheriff’s Office.

Villasana still worries about Shadow and wonders whether the Mayfields took her away because of the dog’s association with Thompson.

“I would like to see proof Shadow is now in a better ‘proper environment’ than she was in a loving environment with me,” she said.

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  1. I called it before this was out. What the city of Canyon Lake should have done is remove these people from the shelter by the sherrifs department. I am told that the sherrif is doing an investigation. When or was that taking place ? Fact all the animals that are at the shelter require people that love animals, can pass a background check, and has a personality. When you walk into the shelter you should see that it is clean, the kennels are clean, the dogs are getting walked and totally cared for. If the shelter employees or volunteers have nothing to hide then place cameras in all the areas of the shelter. If they refuse and do not want cameras then that’s a red flag. Im too am concerned about where is Shadow. I will not mention a name but this person knows who they are and what they did with Shadow. Instead this person chooses to attack the person that was taking care of Shadow. She should have never been given a dog to take care of that was not complete with all its health care including heart worm prevention. We all can come into hard times here and there, but she was treated like a derelict, like a unworthy person. Wow if that’s what the shelter person intended to do they need to resign. Me yes I would fill a lawsuit against the shelter and it’s rude and hateful act. Yes I said hateful. Sooner or later the truth will come out about what happened to Shadow and where Shadow is now. I would think the person whom took Shadow from a loving home will think very hard about what to say.

  2. If all these people are resigning, who is taking care of the dogs, cats and god knows what? Are they being fed, watered and their cages cleaned?? This is absolutely atrocious. It sickens me to think that sickens that the community put their trust in them and they treated these innocent babies so badly. My heart hurts for all of them.

  3. JR, thank you for your comment and genuine concern for Shadow. The fact Kelly is claiming she removed Shadow from me “due to a knee injuring and also about the worries with shadow’s ongoing health issues and heart worm issues”: is a bold face LIE! I WAS CONCERNED about Shadow’s delayed heartworm testing on Feb, 4, 2023 at that mobile vet clinic because when Kelly brought Shadow back to me she said Shadow needed to start a 30 day twice a day medication. I said, “Ok, have you filled the script?” She said, “No, the mobile vet clinic does NOT write medication scripts and now she would have to find a vet to write her a script.”! I knew that was going to be a problem because I had recently heard nine of the reputable area vet would work with her! This also meant Shadow would need to be retested for heart worms BEFORE getting that 30 day script! I was so upset because IF Kelly had completely vetted Shadow with all her vaccines, rabies, heartworm tested and spayed in OCT when Shadow arrived at her shelter then she would have been in better shape! The fact she mentioned my injury to my knee has nothing to do with me not driving and why would that knee injury be a reason for her to remove Shadow.? Does Kelly discriminate physically impaired people from adopting or fostering?! In another interview she stated my injuries to my knees prevented me from providing Shadow the activity she needed. I live in a 3 story house with stairs, 4 outdoor balconies and a large enclosed backyard for her to play! Kelly was never “concerned about the welfare of Shadow” until she was being investigated for her FAILURE TO VET ALL ANIMALS in HER SHELTER! As stated in this article; Shadow arrived at #class in Oct and I received her to foster without Shadow being vetted or spayed! Kelly only provided dry kibble as they are suppose to do with all fosters. Thorough vetting was NOT provided until Kelly realized the horrific details about all her abuse and failures to vet properly was becoming public. I know whomever Kelly gave Shadow to now knows the truth and I hope this person will reach out to me and returnin my sweet Shadow. 💔

  4. I would like to think IF Kelly was telling me the truth 3 hours later by texts when I asked if Shadow was still at her 11:30 vet appt on Feb 15, 2023 about “a clinical technician falling in love with her so she let him take Shadow home for a TRIAL to adopt” NOW knows the real truth about Shadow and Kelly cruelly took her from me out of spite, I want Shadow back home with me. If anyone knows anything about Shadow please help her find her way back home to me.

    Ydalia 💔

  5. Is there anyone out there that really knows what is going on at C.L.A.S.S.?? What can the citizens of the Canyon Lake area do to get this shelter cleaned up and start operating with the health and care of the animals as the number one objective??? Please, anyone out there with a heart that could help save these poor defenseless animal!!💔

  6. We fostered an older dog from CLASS. She was not in good shape when we got her. She was covered in feces and had a bad ear infection. I cleaned her up and i told Kelly about my concerns about her infection, but she never responded to me.

    Thankfully her infection was easily treatable and i ended up paying out of my own pocket so she could stop suffering. As a foster, CLASS was supposed to pay for everything but that did not happen.

    She does not care about these animals! I have a feeling she never would’ve been treated for her infection if we hadn’t fostered her.

  7. As to the “Fate of the New Board Unknown” here are the facts:
    There is a group ready to take over the operation of CLASS (Board and Manager).

    There are plenty of people willing to volunteer at the shelter.

    There are plenty of people willing to donate money, once the New Board is in place.

    Kelly Mayfield knows this. The current Board needs to resign, they are the only people holding up this process.

  8. Someone AnSWER the question which was ASKED in all this and that talk.
    Are the animal being take care of as NOW?? Is anyone going over there to clean and feed. I hear dogs barking at the shelter as I speak.

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