CCSO Confirms Active Investigation into Animal Abuse at CLASS; Mayfields Promise to Explain Everything Friday

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Have you seen this dog? Foster-to-adopt Ydalia Villasana, a Canyon Lake resident, said CLASS Vice President Kelly Mayfield took Shadow to a veterinary appointment on Wednesday and gave her away to a veterinary technician.
Have you seen this dog? Foster-to-adopt Ydalia Villasana, a Canyon Lake resident, said CLASS Vice President Kelly Mayfield took Shadow to a veterinary appointment on Wednesday and gave her away to a veterinary technician.

Comal County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) is actively investigating claims of animal cruelty and neglect at Canyon Lake Animal Shelter Society (CLASS), spokesperson Jennifer Smith confirmed today.

Anyone with any evidence of animal mistreatment including records, texts, photographs and videos is asked to contact CCSO at 830-620-3400.

Former CLASS Kennel Manager Jennifer Thompson spoke out against her former employers, CLASS board members Kelly and Darrell Mayfield, today at Comal County Commissioners Court.

She said she spent 4 ½ hours at CCSO Wednesday talking to Sheriff Mark Reynolds, another officer and a detective.

“I feel really good about it,” she said of her meeting with law enforcement. “I have complete confidence that they are taking this very seriously.”

But other animal advocates who also shared their stories at Commissioners Court didn’t get the answers they were hoping to hear.

Judge Sherman Krause said CLASS is not licensed by the county and there is nothing commissioners can do to run the Mayfields out of town as several requested.

“Again, we’re happy that you’re here and listen to what you have to say but I don’t know what your expectation is from this court,” he said.

CLASS is located on the south side of Canyon Lake in Precinct 1. Commissioner Donna Eccleston was not in court today but afterward Pct. 4 Commissioner Jen Crownover, who represents the north side of Canyon Lake, on Facebook “applauded” those who spoke for their dedication and courage.

“I just want you to know that our ability to respond is extremely limited because of the Open Meetings Act and the laws around that,” she said. “I also want to reiterate that what judge said about Commissioners Court not having authority over area organizations and nonprofits such as this. But if you have first-hand knowledge of anything nefarious, please reach out to Sheriff’s Office to file reports so they can be properly investigated. Other possible agencies may include the Internal Revenue Service, the Secretary of State or the Attorney General’s Office.

“Nobody wants to see animals suffer, and if there are crimes happening, they need to be investigated and prosecuted,” she said.

In an email late this evening CLASS President Darrell Mayfield and his wife, Vice President Kelly Mayfield, said will be offered an “exclusive” that tells their side of the story by 5 p.m. Friday.

They promised to talk about other “players” as well as provide new information about Thompson and close family members.

However, they declined to reveal any information about the whereabouts of ‘Shadow,’ formerly called Maybelline, who disappeared Wednesday after Kelly Mayfield picked her up from her foster-to-adopt, Ydalia Villasana, a Canyon Lake resident who has cared for the animal since October 2022 when it arrived at the shelter.

Shadow – who unknownst to Villasana had not been spayed, vaccinated or chipped since arriving at CLASS – was supposed to get retested for heartworms, have staples from a Feb. 4 spay removed and get vaccinated.

Aware of recent rumors about the shelter, Villasana begged to go with the Mayfields so she could ask questions about Shadow’s heartworm treatment.

The dog was scared and did not want to get into the Mayfield’s car, Villasana said.

“I promise you I will bring her back when they’re finished,” she said Kelly Mayfield promised her.

Hours later, Mayfield informed Villasana that one of the veterinary technicians at the clinic had fallen in love with Shadow and decided to take her home with him for a “trial.”

Sobbing, the Canyon Lake woman said she relies on Social Security to survive and could not afford the veterinary treatment the Mayfields reluctantly agreed to provide, although they did pay for Shadow’s food.

Villasana said she was clueless about Shadow’s lack of veterinary care until December 2022, when she saw splotches of bright red blood on her floor. The dog was in heat, and soon escaped from the house and ran off briefly with a white boxer.

She said Mayfield finally agreed to get Shadow spayed on Feb. 4. Afterward, the animal returned to Villasana with stitches and another wound that appeared to have been glued shut.

However, Mayfield had bad news. Shadow tested positive for heartworms and needed to be rechecked by another vet because mobile veterinarians don’t write prescriptions.

Villasana said she has texted Mayfield around 20 times since Shadow got into the car with Kelly Mayfield on Wednesday. She has called repeatedly, hoping to find out where the dog is.

There is no question Mayfield knew she planned to adopt the dog, Villasana said.

Undeterred, Villasana said she spent most of today checking with area veterinarians to see if they know where her dog is. They either told her they hadn’t seen Shadow or couldn’t comment since Villasana is not the dog’s legal owner.

“She was safe, she was sound, she was in a good home, I took care of her, I loved that little dog,” Villasana said. “She was adorable. I don’t know why she felt the need to take her away from me.”

With temperatures expected to drop into the mid-thirties overnight, Villasana said she prays Shadow isn’t sitting in one of CLASS’s outdoor kennels, wearing the black collar with the little white stars she painted on it.

“I see the chicken in the fridge I roasted for her yesterday knowing it was going to be a long day for her,” she said. “I made plain chicken broth out of the bones to moisten her kibbIe. I see her bowls waiting for her to come home and she is not here, home with me and this breaks my heart.”

Mayfield declined to comment about Shadow’s whereabouts or whether reports she is bringing all foster dogs back to the shelter are true.

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  1. This is disgusting! Kelly Mayfield tried to take a dog from me previously. There was no way she was going to get that dog back. I ended up sending the adoption money and keeping it. Unbeknownst, the dog had health issues and no records! Kelly needs to be far away from any animal. Once again, a dog disappears and she cannot offer any information. Kelly Mayfield really likes to use animals to hurt people. She has been know to hide animals away from people at the shelter because they upset her over something. It’s a major control thing and sick!

  2. These people need to be held accountable for their actions. Seems like they are hiding all the evidence so nothing can be done. Worked in rescue for Yeats and the four legged ones were more important than the 2 legged ones. These people should never be allowed to even be around animals let alone in charge of any. Please who ever can help put the animals first & give these peopke what they deserve. Animals depend on humans so Please dont let them down. Find them all & place in good loving homes. They deserve nothing less.

  3. It seems that in addition to animal cruelty or neglect, their 501(c)3 status needs to be investigated for possible misuse of funds and an inadequate board of directors.

  4. These people need to answer for their irresponsible actions! What disgusting people. This is not the first time CLASS has been in trouble, and the last time it happened, people from the community came together together to clean up the mess and get the shelter up and running again, but here we are again. People running this shelter should be monitored by someone! How can people run this shelter, which is in deplorable condition, and not have to answer to anyone? The Mayfield’s need to be treated the way these poor, defenseless animals are being treated. The Mayfield’s need to pay for what they’ve done!

  5. Thank you, Stephanie, for sharing my horrific story about this cruel woman,Kelly, taking Shadow from me. I am crying again while reading this article. I have not stopped crying since Wed. I still cannot believe Kelly is so cruel to just take my precious foster dog without giving me first option to adopt her. I miss her sweet face, her floppy ears and her head snuggles on my shoulder. I miss her so much and I want her back home with me where she was safe and very much loved.

  6. Where are the good ole days when a person was run out of town on a rail. Seems as if it all about the money. These innocent fur babies will have their voices heard as long as we are determined.

  7. Ydallia, I am so so sorry for what you are having to go through. I can’t imagine having a dog stolen by someone in such a cruel manner and then being tortured by the fact that you know the puppy isn’t with good people. That is the ultimate betrayal. I hope that you are reunited with Shadow. I had a similar experience trying to adopt/foster a dog there that also “magically disappeared” but I hadn’t bonded with him and cared for him for months like you have. We as a community need to keep fighting and I hope this won’t stop you from allowing pets and other humans into your heart again. The Mayfields should not just be forced to relinquish the shelter but disallowed to be in any industry involving animals again.

  8. I would love to run this shelter. I have no experience but I did volunteer at a few. I love animals more than anything and I would never treat one badly. I don’t have the money to buy it so I hope the right person steps up to take over.

  9. My wife and I had to give a puppy back to the shelter due to our inability to control it. This is after we had paid for all shots and had her spayed.
    When i stopped by to just look at the dog, not interact, she said you’ll never see that dog again and claimed we abused it.
    So yes, as mentioned above, using an animal for some type of strange satisfaction.

  10. F Marie,, thank you so much for your kind words and understanding my heartbreaking situation. I lost my sweet Sebastian, my companion always by my side,14 year old German Shepherd/Rottweiler due to enlarged heart Sept. 2022. I was devastated and heartbroken and I needed to fill my heart by helping a dog in need so i reached out to #class since they were the nearest shelter to me and I do not drive. Jennifer Thompson (ex employee Kelly has a personal vendetta against since Jennifer left las month and is doing her best to let everyone know about the abuse by Kelly and her husband) answered the phone and offered to bring an older dog to me to foster. They called him Jethro (all I could think of whenever I called out “Jethro” was the Beverly Hillbillies Clampetts coming!) I kept calling him Sebastian because it was just 2 weeks since Sebastian passed away so I decided to call Jethro Baby instead since I called Sebastian Baby all the time it was easier. Two weeks later Jennifer called saying they rescued a big beautiful 2-3 year big black lab female and would I be interested in meeting her to see if she and Baby were a good fit. They were a perfect fit and began playing, sleeping, snuggling together by my side from day one. Jennifer a few months later called me saying a 90 year lady had just lost her companion lab and was looking for another sweet companion. Jennifer immediately thought about Baby because he was so sweet, gentle and just wanted to be my side. Jennifer DID say “As his foster mom I had first option to adopt him or let him be adopted by someone else”. Even though I was sad to let Baby go; I felt bad this 90 year old lady had lost her dog of 10 years and was seeing another companion. She and her trainer came over and immediately fell in love with Baby and both agreed Baby would make a great companion, since I still had Shadow, I let Baby go. I named her Shadow after a few weeks because. She as my shadow ALWAYS by my side all day and night. I miss her terribly. I desperately want her back with me here where she was safe and very much lived. I am beyond heartbroken.

  11. Ok so Friday has come and gone. Where is the Mayfields’s explanation???? Canyon Lake residents can’t wait to hear from them.

  12. If it truly was “all about the animals”, wouldn’t she want to walk away and let CLASS rebuild as it has done before as the trust with the public and veterianarians is gone with her in charge? It seems if they left, the new board could re-open with an actual positive community impact with the donations used here as well as actual transparency, not handwritten and made up numbers. She won’t even name the board members and if I am not mistaken, that is not allowed to operate a 501c3 non profit to collect donations. I am just curious on the financials, it seems that is the real reason she wont resign, criminal charges on theft could be significant if it gets to certain dollar amount. Why is she not filling tax returns? We are going on year 2 with no tax returns.

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