Comal County Young Democrats Take to Main Plaza To Protest Supreme Court’s Ruling on Abortion

abortion protest
Young Democrats protesting the U.S Supreme Court's ruling banning abortion made their voices heard at Main Plaza in New Braunfels Friday.
Young Democrats protesting the U.S Supreme Court's ruling banning abortion made their voices heard at Main Plaza in New Braunfels Friday.

Comal County Young Democrats headed to New Braunfels Main Plaza yesterday to express their outrage after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, effectively banning abortion in states like Texas.

Twenty-two-year-old Kit Noel, who serves as the group’s media director, said up to 60 people joined the protest and the reaction from passersby was overwhelmingly positive.

The group was part of spontaneous nationwide protests. Thousands took to the streets Friday after the court’s ruling was announced.

“Basically, we wanted to express our opinion now and we didn’t want to wait,” she said after older Comal Democrats advised waiting until the weekend. “This is affecting us now. A lot of us were mad, a lot of us were devastated, a lot of us were scared and so it was definitely an act of passion.”

Noel said she has cystic fibrosis and is petrified about what an unplanned pregnancy might mean for her medical condition.

She also worries about the many Democrats in Comal County who are afraid to reveal their political identity in a mostly “red” area.

Now is the time for them to act.

“I definitely think we’re not done talking about the issue of abortion and we’re going to funnel that energy into making sure people vote blue in November,” Noel said. “Unfortunately that is our only shot to change this.”

Tuesday, Young Democrats of Comal County will return to the Main Plaza for a vigil honoring the students and staff who died at the mass shooting in Uvalde on May 24.

They plan to share photos of the dead and several pastors will speak. A band will perform.

“All in all it’s going to be a peaceful, calm night to pay our respect to those who were lost,” she said.

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  1. I do not understand why pro abortion Democrats are concerned about the loss of life that happened in Uvalde !!
    It is their TRUE wish that no more babies or children would live and use up THEIR food supply!!!

  2. What an idiot statement “Pro-Life Is Murder”??!! These “young democrats” have really lost their minds if they ever even had one.

    If they are going with the “1 in 5 girls are sexually abused” and “I had my period by 9 years old – Do the math”. These are all problems with our society and things that are in our food and drink to mature girls faster – so fix that and quit murdering babies.

    I dare anyone to find anywhere in the Constitution that “abortion is a Federally Protected Right”. If you want to change that Federally – go through the process and get an Amendment To The Constitution – there are already some.

    Janes Revenge…please. You Dems have no tolerence. We didn’t ramage, graffiti, riot when Roe V. Wade was implemented. The Justices righted something that was political.

    (Pssst. Just so you know, it only gave you MORE rights by giving back to the States the right to regulate abortion. You can vote for whomever is a pro-choicer if that is how you want your State to be)

    I personally find it offensive that I have to pay to kill babies in the womb by the Govt. giving my tax dollars to Planned Parenthood.

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