Construction Projects Underway at Closed Canyon Lake Boat Ramps

boat ramp 22
Construction is underway at Canyon Lake Boat Ramp #22. Image courtesy of Canyon Lake Boat Ramps Community Alliance.

There’s some good news at the nine closed Canyon Lake boat ramps operated by Comal County.

Construction projects are underway at #6 and #22, and the county is evaluating the possibility of extending all of its ramps further into the lake.

“The county is doing what it can to improve the ramps where they can and work within their boundaries of maintaining these ramps,” said Doug Leecock with the Canyon Lake Boat Ramps Community Alliance, which collaborates with the county to improve conditions at boat ramps.

He said construction work continues at the newly redesigned Boat Ramp #22. Paving will begin within two weeks.

In May, Comal County commissioners approved a $186,000 bid to redo the ramp with 15 trailered vehicle spaces, including the addition of 20 new parking spaces, the widening of the current driveway to allow for two-way traffic, easier turnaround for launch and recovery, and parking place signage to support law-enforcement efforts at the ramp.

Low lake levels are working to everyone’s advantage at Boat Ramp #6, where county road crews will conduct much-needed maintenance at the end of the pothole-ridden ramp.

County engineers also are considering whether ramp extensions are possible at any of the ramps, but water depth to access the ramps from the main body of Canyon Lake could prove a limiting factor in most instances.

“You could dig it out and go down another 10 feet but if you dig a hole that deep you have to maintain slope,” Leecock said. “You still can’t get out to the main body of the lake because of the contour of the lake. There’s not enough depth for most boats to get out there into the water.”


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