County Evens Out Heavily Rutted Parking Area at Boat Ramp #1

boat ramp #1
Image courtesy of Canyon Lake Boat Ramps Community Alliance.

Comal County work crews are using Boat Ramp #1 to stage materials for roadwork and took the opportunity to even out the ramp’s heavily rutted parking area.

Doug Leecock with the Canyon Lake Boat Ramps Community Alliance thanked the county for its work.

In November, crews placed bags at the end of Boat Ramp #6, normally under 20 feet of water.

County Engineer Tom Hornseth said this is a common method of placing riprap, which armors shorelines.

The concrete gets wet and solidifies, creating concrete blocks. The paper decomposes, leaving only blocks behind to provide additional mass behind the curb.

No additional work is scheduled for Boat Ramp #6 at this time, said county spokesperson Cary Zayas.

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  1. So then they should remove construction signage at 6 . Would be amazing if they could build a temporary ramp .having to pay to use ramps that should be free and then there only open for 5 hr a day .seems like such bs . They should have them ramps open all week . This only proves how much BS is put out about the 1000 of people using the ramps . Now they have the chance to make all that revenue and they basically closed the lake off to only the 1% who can afford a boat slip or $35 to use there ramp . Only proves how much misleading information was put out , it’s a giant turkey shoot . But thanks for doing what y’all should of done . It only took y’all needing to use it for your own good for it to happen . I would put money on it right now that place will still have there gravel in the way when parking is needed smh count on it

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