County Issues New Rules for Canyon Lake Boat Ramps, Approves $186K Bid to Redo Boat Ramp #22

boat ramp 1
File image of Canyon Lake Boat Ramp #1 courtesy of Holiday Lodge.

Comal County commissioners on Thursday unanimously passed new rules for nine county-operated Canyon Lake boat ramps and agreed to overhaul Boat Ramp #22.

These rules are effective immediately and law enforcement will enforce them over the Memorial Day weekend.

Kayaks can no longer launch from closed boat ramps.

New buoys will be placed around county-operated ramps. The buoys designate zones that are no-wake and indicate that swimming, fishing, and all other forms of recreation are not allowed.

Buoys will be installed at all boat ramps in a radius using the centerline of the ramp at the 909-feet water elevation. The county will use the 200-feet mark because the GBRA order states 200 feet.

Buoys will be placed this weekend in the water at Boat Ramp #6, the only county-operated ramp that is still open.

Rules applicable to the water areas at boat ramps were adopted by the board of directors of the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority (GBRA) in 1995. This document has been uploaded to the county’s website. Rules applicable to the land areas at boat ramps were adopted by Commissioners Court in 1994. This document has been uploaded to the county’s website.

Buoys for the North Park dive park will stay where they are.

Also at their weekly meeting, commissioners approved a $186,000 bid to redo Boat Ramp #22.

“This approval is only the beginning of great things to be improved around the lake that directly impact the people and the economy of Comal County,” said Doug Leecock, who spearheads the Canyon Lake Boat Ramps Community Alliance.

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  1. So – by not allowing kayaks to be launched from closed boat ramps you are forcing more congestion on the few open ramps. Don’t understand the reasoning.

  2. Quit letting so much water out and these ramp should’ve been redone 10 years ago if you want people to come down and spend money in your town, you gotta spend money

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