Drought Moves SJWTX Customers in Canyon Lake Into Stage 3 Water Restrictions

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Drought tightened its grip on Canyon Lake today.

SJWTX, Canyon Lake’s water company, today moved customers in Comal, Blanco, Hays, Travis, Kendall, Bandera and Medina counties into Stage 3 water restrictions.

Under Stage 3, outdoor watering is allowed once every other week on a customer’s assigned day. Watering days are assigned based on the last digit of the customer’s address. For example, watering will not be allowed on the week of Aug. 8. Watering will be allowed on the customer’s designated watering day for the week of Aug. 15.

“Water conservation continues to be an important focus for SJWTX and is critical for ensuring sustainable use of our water,” said Tom Hodge, SJWTX president. “Responsible use of this precious resource is a key part of how we protect our limited water supply.”

Customers’ watering schedules do not change between Drought Stages 2 and 3.

However there are further restrictions, including:

  • Filing of swimming pools, although community swimming pools still can to maintain safe levels of water quality for human contact. Customers can still top off their pools with water.
  • Pressure washing is prohibited unless it is for health-and-safety purposes.
  • Car washing is only allowed at commercial car wash facilities that recycle water.

The watering restrictions are part of a state-approved drought contingency plan.

“The watering schedule, along with other key elements in the plan, is designed to help work toward state and regional goals established by the Texas Water Development Board,” said Chelsea Hawkins, SJWTX’s compliance water manager. “The watering schedule, in particular, helps the community manage how much of our drinking water is used for irrigation versus other community needs.”

As temperatures rise, the amount of water used for irrigation increases, SJWTX Conservation Specialist Isabella Garrone said.

“Right now all of Comal County and the entire region of South-Central Texas is under extreme drought conditions,” she said. “We are monitoring conditions closely, but ask that customers adhere to Stage 3 rules and conserve where they can, both indoors and out.”

For more information about water scheduling and water stages, visit https://www.sjwtx.com/my-service-area/canyon- lake-service-area.
For more information on the Drought Management Plan, visit https://www.sjwtx.com/sites/default/files/2022- 06/2022%20Drought%20Management%20Plan%20Final.pdf.
For more information about water conservation, visit https://www.sjwtx.com/know-your-water/water- conservation

About SJWTX dba Canyon Lake Water Service Company

SJWTX, a subsidiary of SJW Group, is a public water utility providing service to approximately 74,000 people through approximately 24,500 service connections in a service area comprising about 250 square miles in Comal, Blanco, Hays, Travis, Kendall, Bandera, and Medina counties.

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