Presentation: Canyon Lake Gorge Dye Tracer Study

wed29mar4:30 pmwed6:00 pmPresentation: Canyon Lake Gorge Dye Tracer StudyFree program promoting the enjoyment and conservation of Canyon Lake Gorge4:30 pm - 6:00 pm(GMT-05:00) Tye Preston Memorial Library, 16311 S Access Rd., Canyon Lake, TX 78133

Canyon Lake Gorge.

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Dr. David Ferrill with the Southwest Research Institute discusses dye-tracer testing of groundwater flow in the Hidden Valley fault zone at Canyon Lake Gorge.

Understanding geological controls on fluid movement is critical for groundwater resource management and aquifer protection in faulted aquifers and is particularly challenging in carbonate aquifers due to dissolution and conduit formation.

Ferrill and others conducted an integrated hydrologic study of the Hidden Valley fault zone in mechanically layered Glen Rose Limestone (Trinity Aquifer) exposed in the Canyon Lake Gorge.

Ferrill is a structural geologist with international research experience in contractional, extensional, and strike-slip tectonic regimes, and international oil and gas exploration and production experience.

He has analyzed geometric and kinematic folding and faulting processes, curvature of mountain belts, regional tectonics, hydrocarbon trap integrity, and induced hydraulic fracturing in unconventional reservoirs.

He has characterized reservoirs and aquifers, and interpreted tectonic stress fields, rock deformation, and fracture mechanisms and has published extensively on these topics. Study areas have included the French Alps, the Appalachians, the Basin and Range Province and Colorado Plateau of the western United States, the Gulf of Mexico, Trinidad, Iceland, offshore Vietnam, offshore Turkey, the Persian Gulf, plus other planetary bodies, including Mars and Ganymede.


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