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comal park sign
Water Oriented Recreation District of Comal County is dealing with trash problems created by the huge influx of visitors during COVID-19.
operation float a soldier
Operation Float a Soldier's (OFAS) board of directors described its decision to cancel events as "excruciating."
covid-19 virus
With seven deaths, the county now has 267 active confirmed and probable COVID-19 cases.
face mask
New Braunfels Mayor Rusty Brockman said face coverings include homemade masks, scarves, bandanas and handkerchiefs.
Startz Memorial VFW Post 8800
Startz Memorial VFW 8800, which also operates a restaurant and bar, closed its facilities on Tuesday so it could sanitize the building after a patron was notified they had been in contact with someone whot tested positive for COVID-19.
Canyon Lake USACE Manager Javier Perez
USACE Canyon Lake Manager Javier Perez said the Stilling Basin fence at Guadalupe Trail parking lot has been vandalized several times.
covid-19 cases in comal county
Comal County’s positivity rate – the percentage of tests with a positive result – is now 8.21%, up from 7.11% on Saturday and 5.66% one week ago. It’s the highest rate Comal County has seen since April 14.
guadalupe River trail south
Guadalupe South's trailhead is located at the base of Canyon Dam at the far end of the southernmost parking area. It's a nearly one-mile-long scenic walk among the bald cypess-lined banks of the Guadalupe River. (Facebook image)
Comal County Office of Public Health Director Cheryl Fraser
Comal County Office of Public Health Director Cheryl Fraser said her office is closed to the public after two employees tested positive for COVID-19.
comal county courthouse
With seven deaths, the county now has 173 active confirmed and probable COVID-19 cases.
water treatment
Water Operator Pedro Salazar takes a water sample from a filtration tank inside one of SJWTX's surface water treatment plants.
Brett Parker with non-venomous snake
Brett Parker holds a non-venomous western rat snake that he caught swimming in the Horseshoe Bend of the Guadalupe River in Canyon Lake. He advises recreationalists not to worry about snakes in the river or on Canyon Lake. Images courtesy of Brett Parker.
map of new braunfels
Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) has not released any further details about the death. The New Braunfels resident lived on the Guadalupe County side of the city.
covid-19 texas
Comal County’s positivity rate – the percentage of tests with a positive result – is now 5.90 percent, up from 5.81 percent on Wednesday and 4.07 percent one week ago. It’s the highest the rate has been since May 15.
New Braunfels Mayor Rusty Brockman
With cases of COVID-19 spiking in New Braunfels, Mayor Rusty Brockman says more community members are being directly impacted by the virus or know someone who is. Image courtesy of RustyforMayor.com.
tubers in the comal river
Tubes in the Comal River. Image courtesy of PlayInnNewBraunfels.com.
Water Oriented Recreation District of Comal County
Water Oriented Recreation District of Comal County (WORD) issues permits to water-related businesses, allowing it to collect user fees from customers visiting the district.
rainbow trout
Image courtesy of Youtuber Another Fish Tail.
covid-i19 cases in comal county
The county's positivity rate -- the percentage of tests with a positive result -- is now 5.66 percent, up from 4.77 percent on Saturday and 3.81 percent a week ago.
drive-through covid-19 testing
Registration opens on Tuesday.
Texas State Rep. Erin Zwiener
Texas House Rep. Erin Zwiener, D-45 (Hays and Blanco counties), right, is asking Hays County to do more to combat the virus and to release more specific information about how it is spreading throughout the community.
Startz VFW Post 8800 Fourth of July Parade
Startz Memorial VFW 8800 Post Commander Greg Brannan said 2020 is one for the history books -- "and we are only half done." Planning is now underway for the 30th Annual 4th of July parade in 2021.
The Sattler office is expected to reopen on Wednesday, June 17.
2020 Election Dates
Although no local races require a primary runoff election, Comal County voters will help to determine major-party nominees in state and federal races.
Whitewater Music Ampitheater
Local music venue Whitewater Music Ampitheater has postponed or canceled all performances through July. Whiskey Myers is still on the concert schedule for August.
covid-19 virus
The increase in positive cases, both confirmed and probable, has pushed Comal County’s positivity rate – the percentage of tests with a positive result – to 4.77 percent, up from 4.47 percent on Friday
Comal County Democrat Steve Jovais
Steve Jovais makes a phone call for the Comal County Democratic Party's Senior Wellness Phone Bank.
Lake Whitney
Lake Whitney is operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
comal county courthouse
Comal County now has 151 confirmed cases and 25 probable cases of COVID-19. Image courtesy of Comal County.
coronavirus mask
Comal County's positivity rate for COVID-19 -- the percentage of tests with a positive result -- is at 4.07 percent, still below state and national averages.
comal county tax office
All three of Comal County's tax offices are closed after an employee tested positive for COVID-19.
covid-19 test
A clinical technician holds a COVID-19 sample collection kit. Image by Dan DeLong for Kaiser Health Network.
voting in a time of coronavirus
Comal County is taking a number of safety precautions so residents can vote without fear of contracting COVID-19. Image courtesy of the League of Women Voters vote411.org.
Martin Luther King Day March in New Braunfels
Some 2,500 people marched in downtown New Braunfels on Jan. 21 for the 5th Annual MLK March & Ceremony, hosted by New Braunfels MLK Association. Image courtesy of the association.
map of covid-19 cases in Comal County
Comal County on Monday confirmed 13 new cases and 13 probable cases of COVID-19.
WORD's Stash Your Trash bags
Water Oriented District of Comal County provides free trash grabbers and trash bags to anyone interested in helping with Canyon Lake's huge trash problem.
map of covid-19 cases in comal county
jbsa fishing pier
Joint Base San Antonio - Canyon Lake fishing pier.
Comal County Republican Chair Sue Piner
Comal County Republican Party Chair Sue Piner, far right, is being called out for racist comments she made on her Facebook page earlier this week.
covid-19 virus
Although the 18 new cases reported so far this week marks a new high for Comal County, the positive case rate – the number of positive results as a percentage of tests performed – stands at 3.45%, up just slightly from last Friday’s 3.17% and essentially unchanged from two weeks ago.
comal isd curbside meals
Pictured from left are Comal ISD child nutrition specialists Sonia Diaz, Karla Chalico and Rosilinda Martinez who have been delivering meals curbside at Specht Elementary School since March 16.
113 cases of covid-19 in comal county
With seven deaths, the county now has 20 active COVID-19 cases, five of them hospitalized.
fishing on canyon lake
Image courtesy of sanantoniofishingguides.com.