Lowe’s Adds Ammo Vending Machines to Canyon Lake Stores

Lowes ammo vending machine
Lowe's customers can purchase gun ammunition at this vending machine in the company's Sattler/Canyon Lake store.

Lowe’s Market in Canyon Lake now sells bullets between its ATM and ice machines.

The Sattler store recently placed an American Rounds ammunition vending machine by its entrance.

With the swipe of a driver’s license customers can now purchase ammo for handguns, shotguns and rifles.

“It’s as secure as going to Walmart or Academy,” said an employee who asked not to be identified.

Lowe’s expects to add another vending machine at its Startzville/Canyon Lake location in the near future.

The machine will be located in the store’s hardware section.

Lowe’s Market CEO Alan Buxkemper, a longtime Canyon Lake resident, said the machines keep ammunition in the hands of “the right people.”

Conventional, over-the-counter sales of ammunition don’t necessarily prevent 17-year-olds from getting their hands on the product.

“We’re doing it in a safe and responsible way,” Buxkemper said.

Hunters and sportsmen are a big part of the Lowe’s business. The company’s corporate office is in Littlefield, Texas.

On its website American Rounds, which manufactures the new vending machines, said its automated ammo dispensers use built-in artificial intelligence software, card capability and facial recognition software to verify each buyer’s age and identity.

In online video, American Rounds CEO Grant Magers said his company installed its first-ever automated retail machine for ammunition at a Fresh Value grocery store in Pell City, Alabama.

He said Fresh Value approached American Rounds because it would serve hunters who are part of the company’s customer base.

“We’re always looking for ways to give our customer another reason to come visit our stores, anything that we can do to help them make their shopping trips easier,” said Fresh Value’s Terry Stanley.

Feedback from customers has been positive, Magers said as a woman driving by the vending machine on a motorized shopping cart gave him a thumbs up and a woo-hoo.

“One of the ways we’re changing the landscape of ammunition sales is make it more available, being able to move it to a place like a grocery store, supermarket, makes it a lot more available to the public,” Magers said. “We’re taking a different approach to it.”




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  1. I belive this is safe and effective way to purchase ammunition, if the prices and quality are that of a retail gun store

    • The same reason you would need to get gas , or groceries at two in the morning from a closed station, but the gas pumps are on. Or store has vending food /drink machines.

      Some people travel at night , some people hunt at night and if you’re out away from a lot of stores, this would be an avenue to get the ammo that you need just like gas.

  2. America is still so blind, what better way to document a gun owner or keep track of ammunition sales than to make it a requirement to scan your drivers license.

    • Right. It’s the AI facial recognition for me ; like great now I’m in a registry for when they come try to take all the guns lmfao

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