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NBU Backtracks, Customers Who Saw Light Bills Increase by Hundreds of Dollars Can Expect Reduction in PCRA Portion of Bills

Image courtesy of New Braunfels Utilities.

New Braunfels Utilities (NBU) backtracked on its week-old decision to raise electric bills using interim adjustments included in the Power Cost Recovery Adjustment (PCRA) during high electric usage during August and September.

Relief is now in sight for customers who saw their light bills soar by hundreds of dollars in a single month.

The utility Friday described itself as a “trusted community partner” in a statement emailed to media. The utility said customers can expect a reduction of $0.21 per kWh in the PRCA portion of their bills.

Overall, this represents an 11.95% reduction in costs.

“This reduction will delay the collection of Winter Storm Uri’s recovery, which currently represents 28% of the PCRA,” NBU said. “The remaining portion, 72% of the PCRA, is due to energy market volatility. Though this interim adjustment in the PCRA will not eliminate the PCRA line item on customer bills, it will reduce bills during the hot summer months and this current heat wave.”

However, recovery costs from URI still need to be collected but will be spread out over the fall and winter during periods of cooler temperatures when electric usage decreases.

NBU said it will share future information on its website, Facebook page, community news outlets, and customer email messaging.

Customers responding to the announcement on NBU’s Facebook page said the announcement isn’t enough.

“To be understanding you might think of waiving fees if late and not shutting off electricity if bills not paid.,” one posted. “People are really struggling and you talk of the increase rate and how it’s lower. Zero is lower! You stabbed me in the heart twice.”

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  1. J codrey September 30, 2022

    NBU sux this town has Sooo shangri no longer the small town feel it used to be

  2. Lisa M Jones July 31, 2022

    My bill has been increasing steadily since January. When I received my last bill; I about cried. It went up by over $200.00!

  3. Lacey Redding July 31, 2022

    I received an email from NBU blaming the increases on “the war in Russia,” and to still recover from “ snow storm Uri.” February 2023 will be 2 years since that storm, I think is New Braunfels residents have paid enough for the poor planning of that storm, and…. We the People want nothing to do with the war Russia and Ukraine! We are already stretched so thin, now we have to choose between mortgage/rent, food, vehicle insurance, and high gas prices to work. We are over it!!! I said what I said!

  4. Gina G July 30, 2022

    I figured this months bill, using the new rates. It reduces my bill by a whopping $5.66.

  5. Suzie Pratt July 30, 2022

    They still don’t care and basically are still raising the rates… deceptive


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