NBU Stays in Stage 2 Drought Restrictions Despite Drop in Edwards Aquifer Level

stage 2
Image courtesy of New Braunfels Utilities.

New Braunfels Utilities (NBU)  said today its customers will remain under Stage 2 drought restrictions even though the ongoing June heatwave and minimal rainfall have resulted in a decline in Edwards Aquifer levels significant enough to trigger Stage 3 precautions.

The decision was made by New Braunfels Mayor Neal Linnartz.

As of today, the 10-day Edwards Aquifer level average is 637.2 feet, well below the Stage 3 trigger of 640 feet.

Stage 3 drought conditions could be declared if conditions continue to deteriorate.

“The decision to remain in Stage 2 did not come lightly and will align the NBU service territory with neighboring water utilities, like the San Antonio Water System,” said NBU Chief Operations Officer Ryan Kelso.

“More importantly, NBU’s prudent planning and investments in water resources have given our community a diverse and resilient water supply portfolio,” he said. “Since the drought of 2011-2014, NBU has diversified its water resources and more than doubled the amount of water in our portfolio.”

According to a city ordinance, water-reduction measures may be based on the 10-day average of the J-17 Edwards Aquifer water levels or on the discharge level of the Comal Springs, NBU water supply, aquifer water quality, potable water-system capacity, or other seasonal or weather conditions not based on J-17.

During Stage 2 watering is allowed one day a week.

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