New Braunfels Trump Train Rides Again

steve ceh
Pastor Steve Ceh, right, founder of the New Braunfels Trump Train and Canyon Lake-based ministry Solomon's Porch, hands out Bibles and preaches at Texas State University. Youtube screen-grab.

Trump Train New Braunfels, which gained notoriety and made national headlines on Oct. 30, 2020 for chasing a Joe Biden campaign bus up I-35,  forcing it to exit at San Marcos, rides again at 3 p.m. Feb. 17.

Members plan to stage their caravan of cars at 659 S. Guenther Ave., New Braunfels, a property owned by New Braunfels Independent School District (NBISD).

NBISD Communications Director Michelle Harwood did not respond to questions as to whether the Trump Train needs a waiver or has applied for a permit to stage a political rally on school property.

The grassy field is the site of the district’s former ninth-grade center and middle and high schools. Football fields, a track and a small baseball field have since been demolished.

On Facebook, wife Randi Ceh said the group plans to follow the law this time.

“We will abide with the law and park on the street,” she said. “Because that’s who we are and what we do…despite what the Karens say. They aren’t going to like us no matter what.”

Obeying the law is no small matter for the Trump Train, which swelled from a few cars and a handful of members to hundreds of vehicles and hundreds of people in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election.

Trump trainers packed huge parking areas and socialized before rallies at the Creekside shopping area. The property owner asked them to leave when the crowds became too large.

Before the “Biden Bus” incident along I-35 in San Marcos, Steve Ceh told MyCanyonLake.com his members were not concerned about their personal safety because armed members of the Three Percenters militia also rode with the train.

Some New Braunfels residents weren’t happy either about hundreds of cars making weekly drives through their communities in the fall of 2020.

They complained to city officials that the Trump Train created traffic nightmares as it threaded its way through narrow streets, members blaring horns and sometimes taunting some Black and Hispanic residents. On one occasion, a Black Lives Matter flag was dragged behind a pick-up truck.

On Sept. 9, 2020 then-New Braunfels Mayor Rusty Brockman was forced to issue a statement saying, “This is not the New Braunfels that I know and love.”

The Cehs have one more reason to keep their resurrected train in check.

In March 2022, they were named in a federal lawsuit alleging they and other members of the Trump Train including their daughter Hannah Ceh violated the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871 by using the Trump Train convoy to harass and intimidate campaign workers riding on the bus.

At least 40 vehicles bearing flags chased the bus as it left New Braunfels, forcing the driver to exit the interstate at San Marcos on the last day of early voting.

Worried about safety, Democratic organizers subsequently canceled several campaign rallies.

Last year Hannah Ceh settled with the plaintiffs, who include former Austin lawyer and Democratic politician Wendy Davis, then running to unseat U.S. House Rep. Chip Roy from Texas’ 21st Congressional District.

At the time of the incident members of the Trump Train mistakenly believed then-Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris was aboard the bus.

Steve and Randi Ceh are still fighting in court, along with Joeylynn Mesaros, who sells ‘Biden is the Wurst’ merchandise to help pay legal fees.

Steve Ceh’s political activities allegedly cost him his job as a boiler mechanic with a San Antonio company. He was photographed at the U.S. Capitol building on Jan. 6, 2021.

He went on to found Canyon Lake-based Solomon’s Porch Ministries, which meets at the CRRC of Canyon Lake’s Rec Center.

Ceh is now the official chaplain of the Comal County Republican Party, according to Party Chair Sue Piner.

MyCanyonLake.com has reached out to Ceh for comment.





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  1. This guy is like a bad Penny, he keeps turning up, he’s a con, look up his past and it’ll tell you everything you need to know about his grand plan,which is your money, don’t get suckered by his babble, he’s just another snake with a forked tongue, so don’t be like dumb driven cattle, do the research! The only thing this guy is selling a snake oil.

  2. Trump Trainers:

    I assert my independence from any flag or republic, advocating for a society where diverse communities govern autonomously, free from a singular national identity. I envision a world where freedom and justice are not just ideals promised by a nation but are realized through the collective action and mutual respect of all individuals, regardless of their allegiance to any state or symbol.

    We would like to thank communications director Michelle Harwood for the support in our right to say whatever we want, and drive wherever we want in our Train for Trump and all he stands for. Take back America starts here in our town!

    • Oh my god, what a MORON! Hahaha! You just “asserted your independence from any flag or republic,” which would include the United States of America. Then spouting this “Take back America” bullshit? YOU’RE NOT AMERICAN. You’ve decided that you’re “sovereign citizens” who are independent of any “singular national identity,” that’s renouncing your citizenship. Not American citizens, if you stand by your bullshit, you shouldn’t even be voting or using up our American resources. GTFO, tonta.

  3. Kind of hard for zebra to change it’s stripes, Apparently You’re
    Hill country groupies haven’t learned.
    The ultimate end game in the state of Texas, is to succeed from the United States, Well, pass this onto all your trump training Groupies who collect Social security And Medicare.

    If that were to happen, Texans With your mindset., who rely on Social Security, And Medicare, well, guess what, They would lose their Social Securit And Medicare,They Would lose their eligibility Because these are federally funded programs.
    Now chew on that for a while, and bring it up To your groupies.
    And let’s see how heavy your collection plates on your next rant of a sermon.. Anyone who thinks but the civil war has ended is a Foolish! Those who forget the past are D*****to repeat it. Just look at our country now., Your motto is take our country back.
    We never lost it. We gave it away.
    For cheaper gas and cheaper trinkits at Walmart..

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