‘Old Tent Revival’ Underway at CRRC’s Rec Center Looks More Like Political Rally, Democrats Say

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This white tent is billowing in the breeze over at the CRRC Rec Center where Solomon's Porch Ministries Steve Ceh, also founder of the New Braunfels Trump Train, will preach tonight. Video courtesy of Randi Ceh.

It’s being billed as an ‘Old Tent Revival’ but the religious awakening underway in the big white tent on the grounds of CRRC’s Rec Center, 125 Mabel Jones Dr., looks a lot more like a political rally to Comal County Democrats.

Canyon Lake Pastor Steve Ceh, founder of Solomon’s Porch Ministries, is the event sponsor.

On Facebook, wife Randi Ceh posted a video promoting ‘Our Appeal to Heaven Old Tent Revival.’

On that clip, Pastor Derek Rogers of Cowboy Church of Corsicana and leader of Take Back America Movement and Pastor Mark Burns with the Harvest Worship and Praise Center in South Carolina – billed on the event’s flyer as a member of President Trump’s Faith Advisory Board – are shown preaching about the need for true Christians to wake up and save their country despite what liberal Democrats do or say.

Ceh, founder of the controversial New Braunfels Trump Train and an insurrectionist photographed on the steps of Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 6, in turn blames “the church” for not doing enough to stop the election of President Joe Biden.

The three will preach starting at 6:30 p.m. today. Another revival meeting is scheduled for Saturday.

Comal County Democrats are asking why the CRRC – which in April 2022 signed then canceled a contract with Texas gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke to host a campaign rally inside the Rec Center, citing its unwillingness to “jeopardize our relationship with any community members” – favors Republicans.

In a statement, Comal County Democratic Party Chair Dr. Marilyn Aden said: “…CRRC will endorse an event that boasts a guest speaker who is promoted as ‘Leader of the Trump Train,’ a person who gleefully spreads messages of hate and incites violence against those he disagrees with.

“It’s evident that the decisionmakers at the CRRC have no problem with suppressing certain community voices, notably folks who are often disadvantaged. It’s shameful and reveals a lot about their lack of character, which doesn’t align with the messages on their website,” she said.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), which leases the land where the Rec Center sits to Comal County, said it is legal to host a religious event on federal land as long as it isn’t advertised or violates the Hatch Act, which limits certain political activies.

Comal County, which leases the land to the CRRC, said it isn’t in the business of telling the CRRC what it can or can’t do on its property.

“It’s my understanding that as long as they are following the terms of their contract, they can hold their event be it religious or political,” county spokesperson Cary Zayas said.

However, USACE did intervene in September 2022 when a Solomon’s Porch banner was posted along the fenceline between the CRRC Rec Center and Hidden Valley Sports Park.

CRRC Executive Director Sean Bailey did not respond to a request for comment or additional information about the charity’s policies and rental rates regarding the Rec Center.

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  1. Perhaps the Democrats who take offense at folks differing from their outlook,, might want to look at what these folks are focused on—God and Jesus,,
    Then, maybe, they might see an alternative path for our Country that focuses on Love and Peace,,, rather that Hate and Division!! There is only one way out of this mess ,, just as there is only one way to our Father,,
    Peace & Love To All!

    • Hey Steve that’s the point…they are NOT focused on love, peace, or God. Listen to the video and look at the flyers…they are preaching hate against “liberals”. It’s a conservative political rally disguised as a “revival”. They’re con artists using religion to pander their divisiveness and hate.

  2. Captain Obvious or whom ever you are – should attend so that you may get the spirit of God’s real love rather than what you are being told what to think by a group of dissenters of the bible. God bless those who guessed what they speak of. See you Sunday.

  3. Our Nation was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, in addition to people of principle speaking at gatherings about issues affecting freedom of speech and pursuit of faith belief. The pushback from some groups sounds a bit disingenuous as I suspect the same people are jealous, on many levels.

  4. So I guess non of these Liberals have ever read the Constitution or studied the History of our Nation. Maybe a trip to Philadelphia to Independence Hall would help.
    You know free speak in this Country is a God given RIGHT,
    Why is it that free speech only applies when Liberals try to shove there views down our throats.
    It’s a dam shame that these uneducated people live in a Country where they have now idea about who and what our founding fathers gave their lives, there fortunes, their homes and businesses for us to have the freedom these people take for granted or are slowly giving away.

    • Military spouse who has been to Independence Hall checking in for duty! Free speech is a right given by men who wrote the Constitution, not God.

      This same venue has refused other political events, so the organizers using religion as a false pretense for their Political rally is disingenuous.

      Jesus was a liberal who preached love for your neighbors. Several of the “Christians” commenting here fail to grasp that.

  5. First, Beto O’Rourke was a political candidate running for office, that’s significantly different from someone speaking political issues.
    Understand, the Bible is full on politics as was the events leading up to Christ crucifixion. The Bible is the written word of God and thus the ultimate set of guiding principles governing all areas of life for the people of God.
    Remember God hates sin and the pastors called out the sinners like any pastor would. To label the revival a political event indicates y’all do not fully understand the good book or the Christian lifestyle.
    But worst was to trash the CRRC management into pressuring them to prevent future religious events. The radical left knows no bounds when it comes to attacking God Christians.
    What does Steve Ceh Trump train or his visit at Washington, D.C. have to do with this religious event? So if anyone was ever at a political event they cannot exercise their god given right to free speech?
    I noticed the Democrat Party was asked for their opinion. If this article was truly unbiased should not the Republican Party have been asked for their opinion? As a Christian Conservative Republican and activist leader you can quote me: “The Republican Party of Comal County does not oppose any Christian exercising their God giving rights to assemble or free speech. We always embrace Christian moral values and pray to God for his mercy and forgiveness. Amen!

    • Marty I’m with you, I am a prescient Chairman in Henderson Country GOP and it’s typical of this articles author, who choose as normal to only seek the comments of Liberals, and attack us for speaking TRUTH and the word of GOD, these are the same people who faught against our founding fathers on the side of the British. Just ignorant to our Nations History.

  6. Wow, the democrats support immorality so no surprise with this article. I was there and proud to be a child of God and living rightously. I’m praying for you and our country.

    • The Lord is a God of mercy, love, and humility. He didn’t belong to any political party and never incited violence or hate. God is love and we have to love all of our neighbors regardless of ethnicity or political parties. No one on earth is perfect we are all sinners and should practice kindness and love!!!

  7. I hope that CRRC will reconsider letting Beto speak when he runs for dog catcher. Also, I am willing to bet that Captain Obvious is the one person that continues to report on Solomon’s Porch; must be some level of jealousy or mental illness either way I hope “they” get help.

  8. Capitan Obvious

    How’s this I am a Levite, which by birth right allows me to claim the Title of Rabbi. I am also a United States Marine and a 33 degree Master Mason, just like 13 of the signer’s of the Declaration of Independence.

    Secondly Jesus was not a liberal, and never lived or preached liberalism, you missed his entire teachings if that’s what you believe.

    This was not by any means a political event, it was an event for us to stand up and band together as Christian Americans and put the armor of GOD on and fight the tearaney of those who are attempting to take our rights away.

    Maybe if you understood Jesus teaching and his anger at the Temple you would truly know his whole ministry and his teachings, because you obviously have no idea about the Hebrew Culture and it’s teachings.
    Rabbi Brody

  9. Shame on you for putting the good people of CRRC in a situation like you have. They run a COMMUNITY CENTER. Which allows all types of people to have events etc… You are SO caught up in your own views and what you think is right. All you want to do is cancel, cancel, cancel anyone or anything YOU don’t agree with. It is disgusting. This is not journalism.

    • Then please tell us why the Beto event was cancelled. It was our opportunity as a community to hear a candidate speak. Instead, we had to go to a private residence to exercise our democratic rights.

  10. The point of the article is to highlight the bias of the CRRC in refusing to allow O’Rourke to host an event while permitting this one to be held. It is obvious that, regardless of what you want to call it, that this event was also political.

    • Exactly, Stephen. Also, CRRC leadership did not respond to the author’s request for comment, which speaks volumes and there’s a reason for that. They’re betting that the dissenting opinions will just “go away,” because we never push back. Fact: hundreds of Comal County, tax-paying residents in this community showed up to attend the Beto event, proving there are many of us, and our numbers are only growing. So, what about our voices; our representation? Again, to reiterate your point, no one is claiming you can’t have a religious event at CRRC, but clearly, it was political in nature based on the event’s promotion flyer and the “pastors'” message during the event.

    • The difference is Robert Francis was a politician these were good Christian Pastors speaking on God’s word.
      They spoke the truth about how Liberals are trying to create ways of destroying our Children. It’s a dam shame if you are a Christian you condone these SIN’s God Despises.

      Reminds me of the Hebrew people who wanted to fit in with the people around the Land God gave them. They wanted to live with the SIN’S of those who lived in the Area, because when God told them to destroy them they didn’t.
      It wasn’t political even as much as you people are trying to push it.
      I can from Cedar Creek Lake for this event and I personally am greatful that CRRC gave Solomon’s Porch them the chance to have the Christian event.

  11. Jesus was NOT a liberal – Yes, he preached love to all people but he also preached against sin and the liberals have embraced immorality – murdering babies for convenience, mutilating children, promoting abnormal sexual relationships – all in an effort to get votes

    • Do you even know what you’re talking about? Do some research about abortion and gender affirming care. You clearly have never actually read anything about it for you to believe people are “killing babies” or “mutilating children.”

      Just showing your hate here.

  12. A lot of the comments are missing the point of this article. I’m glad Stephen pointed it out for y’all.

    And a big issue with the rest of your comments is you seem to think that just because these people believe in god or christ then they are somehow automatically good people. Which history has shown us the ones who preach the most are also the most hateful.

    There is nothing wrong with having personal conservative values. I know many people with those values who still vote Democrat or Progressive because they understand their personal beliefs do not belong in the law.

    This article is well written! Thank you for showing the hypocritical nature of CRRC.

  13. That CCRC chose to host a radical MAGA political rally thinly disguised as a “religious revival” while refusing to allow O’Rourke to exercise his right to free speech, is offensive and repugnant. As a community resource, ALL should be welcome.

  14. The revival was a huge success and all the evil who made complaints could not stop it. Anyone who says it was a political event was not there. Wait til we stop the evil from their drag shows.

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