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Tubers: No Plans to Increase Release Rates from Canyon Dam for Holiday Weekend

Tubing the Guadalupe Facebook page said flow rates are typically over 270 cubic feet per second (cfs) this time of year. Today Guadalupe @Sattler is at 67 cfs, which is extremely low. File image.

Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority (GBRA) said Thursday there are no plans to accommodate tubers by increasing release rates from Canyon Dam into the Guadalupe River over the Fourth of July weekend.

Flow rates along the Guadalupe River at Sattler are very low at 67 cubic feet per second (cfs). Anything under 500 cfs is considered “recreational.”

Releases out of Canyon Lake are not modified for recreational purposes when the reservoir is below the standard elevation of 909 feet, said GBRA spokesperson Lindsay Campbell. Currently, the lake is 92.7% full at 905.55 feet.

“At this time only minimum releases are being made to satisfy Texas water law and environmental quality requirements,’ she said.

Nathan Pence, GBRA’s executive manager of Environmental Science, said the current level of the lake, level of inflows to the lake (0 cfs at Spring Branch) and downstream obligations dictate the current release rate.

“As we do not foresee any of those things changing over the near term, we have no plans to adjust release rates,” he said.

An administrator for Tubing the Guadalupe Facebook page said flow rates are typically over 270 cfs for this time of the year.

“If you go to the river this weekend just remember it is going to take longer than usual, and at certain places it is going to take a lot longer than usual,” they said. “Contact your tube outfitter for specific information.”

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