Turn Christmas Trees, Dead Leaves Into Animal Sanctuaries, Wildlife Group Urges

animal with Christmas tree
Image courtesy of WILDNorth.
Image courtesy of WILDNorth.

Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, Inc. (WRR) of Kendalia has another option for your dead Christmas tree — donate it to them.

“As the holiday season comes to an end, we want to remind you that WRR will be accepting donations of untreated, natural Christmas trees to use as enrichment for the animals in our care,” WRR said in a statement.

Christmas trees can be dropped off between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at WRR’s San Antonio location, 1354 Basse Rd., San Antonio, or at its sanctuary, 355 Old Blanco Rd., Kendalia.

Closer to home, WRR urges residents to help wildlife during the cold weeks ahead by building brush piles out of twigs and/or fallen leaves in a corner of the yard to provide needed shelter.

Dead plants and flowers can be a valuable food source when other resources are scarcer.

“You can also put out wild bird seed, sunflower seeds, unsalted peanuts, raw pecans, or dried fruits,” WRR said. “However, only offer small amounts (one cup or so) as we do not want wild animals to become dependent on humans for their food source. Finally, provide a source of water that won’t freeze by either purchasing a heater for your birdbath or by changing out the water every day.”

WRR cares for over 10,000 orphaned, injured and displaced wild and farmed animals each year. Most animals are rehabilitated and released back into their native habitat, but the nonprofit also provides permanent, individualized care for many in large natural enclosures or pastures.

Included in this category are indigenous wildlife, non-native animals from the “pet” trade, roadside zoos and retirees from research facilities.

WRR receives over 11,000 calls each year on its emergency wildlife hotline, which is staffed 24/7, and serves San Antonio, Austin and surrounding counties including Comal County.

For more information, visit wildlife-rescue.org.

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