USACE Cancels Gate Replacement Work on Canyon Lake Dam, Flow Rates to Remain Unchanged

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River flow releases from the Canyon Reservoir will not be reduced or shut off during routine maintenance work now underway at Canyon Lake’s dam, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) said in a statement Monday.

Gate replacement work that would have caused disruptions to flow rates in the Guadalupe River below the dam has been rescheduled.

An inspection revealed gates are functioning as designed and USACE’s priority in sequence of repairs has changed.

Work on the control tower service bridge will commence instead.

“Inspections and major repair work are needed to ensure that Canyon Dam and its associated water-control infrastructure are properly maintained and function as designed to meet mission requirements and manage downstream risks that ultimately protect life, safety and property,” USACE Canyon Lake Manager Javier Pérez Ortiz said.

USACE will change over low-flow releases to Guadalupe Blanco River Authority (GBRA), which manages releases when the lake is in conservation pool, later this week.

Pérez Ortiz reminds visitors to all USACE-operated parks and boat ramps to practice leave-no-trace, use designated trash receptacles and to always wear life jackets while boating or anytime in or near the water.


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