Water Off? SJWTX Reports Minor Outages but ‘Significant’ Water Leaks Expected

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SJWTX, Canyon Lake’s water provider, said most outages this week are due to customer-side frozen pipes.

One minor water outage was reported Thursday in the Hancock area on the north side of Canyon Lake. Another small water outage was reported in the Deer Creek service area north of Dripping Springs.

“Since then, we’ve received numerous calls from customers across our area about out-of-water issues,” said SJWTX Service and Communications Manager Larry Jackson. “Our distribution team is attempting to follow up on these issues, but they are reporting that all of the out-of-water scenarios have been due to customer-side frozen pipes.”

However, as temperatures rise above freezing he said “significant” customer-side water leak problems are anticipated.

“Before customers call SJWTX about being out of water they should thoroughly look over their pipes and appliances for frozen pipes,” Jackson said. “We’re observing that even buried pipes are frozen due to the shallow depth they are placed in the ground. As temperatures rise above freezing, we expect the service area to experience significant customer-side water leak problems due to frozen pipes melting.”

SJWTX activated its Emergency Operations Team early this week and is meeting daily to discuss ongoing issues and updates.

Crews remain on standby and will work to investigate any out-of-water reports over the holidays.

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