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boat ramp 7
Boat ramp #7. Facebook image.
Boat ramp #7. Facebook image.

Canyon Lake’s shrinking due to drought, leaving many boat ramps unusable.

Efforts are underway to fix serious problems that predate low lake levels. Many boat ramps are over 50 years old and were only intended to serve small subdivisions, not tens of thousands of visitors each year.

Doug Leecock and the Canyon Lake Boat Ramps Community Alliance (CLBRCA) are working closely with Comal County commissioners to identify and address infrastructure issues at all of the county-operated ramps.

MyCanyonLake.com will document their incremental efforts on this blog in addition to posting regular news stories about developments in Commissioners Court or discussions between stakeholder groups like the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Water Oriented District of Comal County (WORD).

To share photos or information with MyCanyonLake.com, email us at info@mycanyonlake.com.

Dec. 2: Leecock says the CLBRCA, along with county officials, is working to develop an operations plan and draft possibilities for real enhancements that address parking and ramp congestion issues made apparent in 2022 survey responses. Once the new Operations Plan is finalized and approved in Commissioners Court, it will guide the management, improvement, and planning activities related to county-operated ramps.

Nov, 15: The gangway of the courtesy dock at Boat Ramp #1 has broken free. County crews are working on a plan.

Nov. 19: Recent repairs made at courtesy docks for boat ramps #1, #2, and #23. Note 2x wood and bumpers around those docks. County also installed curbs at the bottom of #23 to keep drivers from backing trailers off the end of the ramp. Low-water lines at the majority of boat ramps are repainted.

Oct. 4: Continuing to take advantage of the sad drought situation by chipping away at a lengthy list of much-needed repairs. Berms were leveled at boat ramps #5 and #7 and a low-water line was painted, and curbs were added to keep drivers from backing off the end of the ramp.

Oct. 3: County crews worked at Boat Ramp #7 to move the rocks pushed into a berm from power loading. Look forward to curbing being installed at the end of this ramp and a few others to provide a measure of safety at the bottom of the ramps.

Sept. 14: County crews worked at Boat Ramp #5 to level rocks displaced due to the power-loading of boats onto trailers. The curbing at the end of the ramp needs to be repaired.

Aug. 11: On July 21, Comal County Commissioners approved a joint grant application with the U.S.Army Corps of Engineers to apply for a grant through the Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP). If awarded, the $1.9 million grant would be used to add four more courtesy docks at county ramps.

A list of ‘quick improvements/maintenance’ was created for each ramp, prioritizing those closed due to low water. Suggestions include relocation and placement of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-required signage for low-hanging wires; removal of brush encroaching on signs and other areas around boat ramps; and more lighting for installation at all county-operated boat ramps. County will maintain these going forward instead of the Water Oriented Recreation District of Comal County (WORD).

County asked to clarify if non-motorized watercraft and people can still use closed ramps.

In June, the boat ramps alliance met with boat rental/excursion organizations to discuss concerns and opportunities related to the use and access of county-operated boat ramps.

Work continues on the Comal County-Operated Boat Ramps Operations and Maintenance Plan which will guide the management, improvement, and planning activities related to those ramps. The plan is intended as a good benchmark for other stakeholders to help better manage all boat ramps.

Sept 5: Comal County Pct. 1 Constable deputy working at Boat Ramp #1 reports scuba divers noticed a submerged truck in about 35 feet of water about 100 feet out from the boat ramp. The ramp was temporarily closed to remove the vehicle, reported stolen in April 2020.

Sept. 1: Crew installed new bumper guards on the courtesy dock at Boat Ramp #1 and added lumber around the dock to support the installation. A few cleats that were broken or missing were replaced. The damaged sign near the physical ramp was fixed as well. The road crew repainted the striping for parking space and the fire lane.






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