Canyon Lake’s Doug Leecock Faces Off Against Joyce Yannuzzi in Tuesday Runoff Election for Pct. 1 Commissioner

Republican Joyce Yannuzzi squares off against Doug Leecock in today's primary runoff election.

Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. today for the May 28 Republican and Democratic primary runoff elections.

To see a list of vote centers for Comal County residents click here.

Voters who cast ballots for Republicans and Democrats who voted party line in the March  7 primary runoffs can only vote for candidates on their party’s ticket. Voters who did not participate in the primary election can cast ballots for candidates on either side of the race.

Of primary importance to Canyon Lake residents is the race between Republicans Doug Leecock and Joyce Yannuzzi , who are running to replace incumbent Precinct 1 Commissioner Donna Eccleston. The winner faces Democrat Julie Sanders in the Nov. 4 general election.

Today’s runoff was triggered when Leecock led the vote count in the March 4 election with 3,626 votes to Yannuzzi’s 3,260 votes but failed to capture “50% plus one” votes required to win that race.

Republican Henry White siphoned off 14% of the vote in March.

As the spokesperson for the Canyon Lake Boat Ramps Communty Alliance, Leecock has fought hard  for improvements at boat ramps. He said that experience taught him about the “delicate dance” required to bring important stakeholders like the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority and the Water Oriented Recreation District of Comal Count to the table. He believes the county should do more to try and control water conservation and development even though the court’s hands are tied by the Texas Legislature.

In a statement Sunday, he told MyCanyonLake.com he has been blessed to have so many supporters sharing the details “of my positive campaign grounded in the principles of faith, family and service…I have not been a politician but I have been a leader, a servant and always willing to do everything I can to assist each resident and business as a fellow member of this great community.”

To read more about his platform click here.

On Friday, Yannuzzi she told MyCanyon Lake.com she will “truly” represent everyone if elected.

“Early votng has been steady and we are excited to see people exercising their constitutional right to vote for someone who’s lived in the county for 22 years, has the experienceand understanding of the issues of the four communities within Precinct 1 and will truly represent and sere everyone in the precinct,” she said.

Yannuzzi works as district director for State Sen. Donna Campbell, (R-25). She describes Leecock as a political newbie who doesn’t have what it takes to hit the ground running, something she believes the county can ill afford as it stares down the double barrel of explosive growth and dwindling resources. She said she is pro-property rights and does not want to impose restrictions on what individuals or businesses can do with the land they own in unincorporated parts of the county.

To learn more about her platform click here.

Also on the ballot today is the seat for Justice, 3rd court of appeals in the race between Democrats Edward Smith and Maggie Ellis and Republicans Tom Maynard and Mary Bone, who are running for Member, State Board of Education Distric 10.

Republican County Chair Mark Montgomery he is disappointed by the low turnout for early voting.

“Going forward, the Comal County Republican Party will be working to register new voters, informing the voters about candidates and issues on the ballot, and condcting Get Out the Vote campaigns.”

Democratic Party Chair Marilyn Aden agrees about the turnout.

“Voter turnout is extremely low for this single-position runoff,” she said. “The race for the 3rd Court of Appeals position is important because the Democrat will likely win that race in November. Democrats in Comal should take the opportunity to make their voice heard and help decide which justice, Maggie Ellis or Edward Smith, will represent us on the court.”





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  1. I hope readers here will note that Leecock had nothing to say about his opponent- no derogatory remarks at all.
    While Yasnoozer mainly focused on the things Leecock has not done. Like being a politician, that is a great thing in my opinion. He’s here working hard for his community while she lives in Austin, running with the good ol’ boys.
    Mentioned above “She describes Leecock as a political newbie who doesn’t have what it takes to hit the ground running-“ Well, his boots are already on the ground- taking care of business, with the people in his precinct.
    Yanonoz can stay in Austin- Comal County needs Leecock’s ethics, energy & action!

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