Maven’s Says No to Beto After Receiving Threats of Boycott

Maven's outside seating
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Beto O'Rourke was scheduled to take this stage at Maven's Inn & Grill on Saturday. Facebook image.
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Beto O'Rourke was scheduled to take this stage at Maven's Inn & Grill on Saturday. Facebook image.

Maven’s Inn & Grill in Canyon Lake today canceled a Saturday campaign appearance by Texas Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Beto O’Rourke.

The popular food-and-music venue’s owners decided not to host the People of Texas Town Hall-Comal County after receiving threats from residents who said they would boycott the restaurant and shut it down, Democrat Precinct 105 Chair Jason Gillett said.

“I didn’t believe there was any place in the United States where a candidate for governor couldn’t show up and address the voting public without having to face this kind of thing,” he said.

The threats weren’t anonymous either.

A spokesperson for O’Rourke’s campaign did not immediately return a request for comment, nor did Maven’s owners return a call from MyCanyonLake.com.

However, a woman who answered the phone at Maven’s confirmed the cancellation.

Comal Democrats are scrambling to find another venue for the Saturday town hall and expect to make an announcement soon.

Saturday’s event is sponsored by Democrats of Comal County.

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  1. That is terrible. I will go see Beto wherever he is. We made our first trip to mavens and it will be our last

  2. Jason Gillett, Democrat precinct chair, you are a victim to the policies and woke culture created by your party. You stated you found it hard to believe that a candidate for TX governor could not be heard by the public. Try being a Republican candidate and attempting to address an audience at a university, or state your beliefs on Twitter, or conduct a public appearance in an urban setting. Not impartial venues, it’s those pesky algorithms.
    I don’t approve of shielding the public from issues and opinions on both sides. But regrettably it’s the current state of affairs conceived and nurtured by the controlling faction of your party.
    I will follow Francis’ appearances to determine if he is capable of developing original, intelligent policies to govern our state. Time will tell.

  3. Good for Mavens!!! We will start coming there more often now! Beto is a two time loser, third time and he’s out…

  4. That’s so ridiculous, people who threatened boycotts or shutting them down are the problem with this country

  5. That’s the MAGA mental for you. They want to run the Country, they try to suspress the real truth, Texas is strickly Red and they feel they should control the rights of all others. Mabey there should be a boycott of them as well

  6. Oh what a relief. What’s good for the goose, right? Funny how the Dems don’t like it when their usual tactics are used against them.

  7. I am very happy that they are not hosting this event. I would definitely not be a patron anymore if they did.

  8. Apparently folks at Maven’s (and many commenting here) don’t understand how democracy works. You have candidates, they speak their mind and then the people vote. That is how this is SUPPOSED to work.

    Now, authoritarians try to shut down free speech (like this horrendous behavior), block candidates from speaking, and make all kinds of rules to make sure all citizens cannot vote.

    Clearly, the Republican party, many of whom around the nation are loudly applauding the authoritarian war criminal Putin, have fallen far far far into authoritarianism.

    It is really sad to watch.

  9. It amazes me that when a college receives both state and federal money that they allow students to control what other students should here, and people are good with that. But when people frequent a restaurant and decide they won’t go there anymore if they host a person they don’t believe in or trust, now they get upset. You Democrats should really learn how to treat people fairly. Do get all upset with the Republicans for doing the same to you. This whole cancel culture needs to stop that you Democrats started, the Republicans are just using your ways against you and you act like it’s a new thing people are doing, open your eyes, don’t just watch one news source, get info from many and make your own decisions.

  10. Thank goodness I will never have to go to mavens again to eat from their censored menu or have someone from another table order for me. Maybe they will let the maga folks pick the set list for performing artists. Great business model for a venue like theirs sounds like a good time!

  11. This is terrible! The people threatening should be banned from ever eating there again. Stupid rednecks!😡

  12. So anti-Beto folks threaten a boycott if Maven’s hosts him. Now pro-Beto folks threaten a boycott for NOT hosting him. Tough spot for Maven’s. Guess they’ll need to look at the electoral map and see which party won Comal county to minimize the impact.

  13. Why would the Democrats of Comal County want to hold an event like this in Canyon Lake? Do you realize that – of the voters in the 2022 gubernatorial primary – 84% in Canyon Lake precincts (104, 105, 105, 108, 402, 403 & 408) voted REPUBLICAN?
    I would suggest that Maven’s actually knows their patrons.
    Have the Democrats of Comal County made no effort to hold this event at a New Braunfels venue? New Braunfels is our county seat, is more densely populated and the precincts in the central part of the city voted 24% Democrat. An event in New Braunfels would be achieve a much higher number of Democrat voters.
    Makes no sense to me.

  14. You bunch of I**diots!!! You talk about democracy and censorship! We took a play out if y’all’s playbook and we are fighting back now! Sorry not sorry!! No more of your lying, cheating a**! Go somewhere where you are wanted! Anybody with the Democrat after a year of Biden’s disaster trying to crash our country while your ‘fake Beto wants to take our guns….
    Psssshhhhhh, please!

  15. We’ve spent 5 years living with these same type of leftist tactics. If you are complaining about customers threatening boycott, you need to get used to it and close that pie entrance.

  16. Mavens did the right thing by not hosting this event. 84% republican out here and Beto like to boast about taking guns away from law abiding citizens…. He’s not welcome here.

  17. I have no desire to hear any more out of Beto! He’s a moron who just wont go away, a male version of Hillary, a prime example of everything that’s wrong with the Democrat Party!!!

    • Texans are the morons. You are the laughing stock of most states. Most of you are just a bunch of ignorant southerners. Get an education. Read something other than you little local news. Texas and Florida are two of the most corrupt states in our country.

  18. I am appalled about the authoritarian loving republicans that are wanting to control what democracy is all about.

    Your party has been highjacked by Trump and all of you have been turned into lobsters, and when you find out that all your rights have been taken away it will be too late. Abbot has made millions off the backs of Texans and has by his selfish, political moves lost billions of income for Texas, follow the money and learn the truth!

    Beto does not want to take your guns, you must be listening to the misinformation that the far right are stuffing in your ears. He wants gun owners to be trained, traceable and responsible for their actions. Beto will work hard for the people of Texas, if you would listen to what he has to say, you would learn that.

    I applaud Mavens for being open to having Beto speak, but I am saddened that they caved when they were threatened by radical bullies, that are so scared to hear the truth!

  19. Texans only want free speech for Republicans. They can’t even see how they are taking away constitutional right from others. They resort to bullying a restaurant. Shame on them.

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