Trump Train Rolls Through New Braunfels to Protest Election Results

Trump Train
Members of Trump Train New Braunfels await the arrival of the Alamo Trump Train on Sunday. Facebook image.

Helicopters from at least two San Antonio TV stations were in the air this afternoon, following the Alamo Trump Train as it left Cowboys Dancehall in San Antonio and headed north on I-35 to join the New Braunfels Trump Train for a protest.

The two groups dispute the outcome of the Nov. 3 presidential election, which was legitimately won by President-Elect Joe Biden, who carried the Electoral College with 290 votes to Trump’s 219.

The New Braunfels Trump Train awaited the Alamo Trump Train’s arrival in a large field behind a New Braunfels subdivision. Organizers Steve Ceh, a boiler mechanic at Brandt Company, and Jason Frank watched live TV video of the train’s progress on their cellphones before speaking to a large crowd of supporters.

“Four more, baby, hold that line,” someone yelled in a video later posted to Frank’s Facebook page. “We’re in New Braunfels, Texas, baby, Trumping it, Trumping it.”

“All you beautiful Walmart-smelling deplorables, I love you guys,” said Frank, who moved his family to Idaho but plans to return to support the New Braunfels train.

After the two Trump Trains converged they headed for downtown New Braunfels’ Main Plaza, where around 4 p.m. they crossed paths with members of the Tejano Train, which formed a counter-protest according to a social media post by Christian Avalos.

A Tejano-Train truck blasting a song with the lyrics “f–k Donald Trump” drove past several members of the Trump Train.

According to several Facebook posts, the Trump Train then split up into several groups of between five to 10 cars and fanned out through New Braunfels, driving along Gruene Road and past Creekside shopping center, which has banned them from its parking areas.

Earlier, Ceh told members of the New Braunfels Trump Train to let Democrats have their “couple weeks of victory” because he thinks the U.S. Supreme Court will invalidate election results and confirm a second term for Trump.

He said he is planning a future rally at Solomon’s Porch, a church allegedly founded by the Ceh family.

Members will be asked to fast and pray.

“Revival’s going to start right in New Braunfels,” Ceh said. “We’re going to get it done.”

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