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USACE To Remove Solomon’s Porch Banner on Fence Line Between CRRC Rec Center and Hidden Valley

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USACE To Remove Solomon’s Porch Banner on Fence Line Between CRRC Rec Center and Hidden Valley

This sign will be removed from the front of Hidden Valley Sports Park, which the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) leases to Comal County.

A Solomon’s Porch Ministries banner installed behind a fence line running from the CRRC Rec Center to Hidden Valley Sports Park on FM 2673 will be removed, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Canyon Lake Manager Javier Pérez Ortiz said today.

By law the federal government cannot officially favor or disfavor particular religious groups, he said.

USACE leases the Hidden Valley complex, located on Mabel Jones Drive, to Comal County.

It’s unclear how long the sign has been there or who gave the church, established in 2020 by New Braunfels Trump Train founders Steve and his wife, Randi Ceh, permission to install it.

CRRC Operations Director Mike Slough did not respond to a request for comment and Comal County Public Information Officer Cary Zayas did not immediately respond to a request for additional information.

Wednesday Update: Zayas said placement of the sign violates the Comal County Parks Sign/Banner Policy Section 1.06(a). and the CRRC has removed the sign.

MyCanyonLake.com could not reach the Cehs for comment. Solomon’s Porch does not provide contact information on its website. The ministries’ Facebook page is private.

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  1. Alan Hepworth September 7, 2022

    You know whats BS they made one church at this place pull their sign down and not the other. Seems like discrimination to me.
    But anyway, whoever wants to talk shit can step to the front, Church services hours are posted ask the man at the door for me we will have a wall to wall counciling session

    1. Tami September 9, 2022

      Your reaction is why many of us are against you calling yourself a church. Your pastor was the leader of the Trump Train. The pastor’s son was arrested on domestic violence charges. A man in New Branfels says his family is harassed by Trump Train members… Anybody can take “the word” out of context; it does not make you a church. You promote hate and VIOLENCE.


  2. A. Nell Recktus September 7, 2022

    You know what’s really shameful? A grifter who got kicked out of Las Vegas, showed up in our area, was so shifty even the Trump Train wouldn’t have it, then setup some phoney-baloney DIS-assembly cult figuring we’re too stupid to catch on. Think again! Oh, and PS: Solomon’s Porch is a REAL ministry, founded in 2000 in Minneapolis. So this wannabe that popped-up here? Just nope!

  3. Gregg collins September 7, 2022

    This website and editor should be ashamed of themselves for publishing such nonsense about a church calling names Stephanie Johnson apparently has issues with the church or my president Donald J.Trump. please keep your articles professional and non bias no one wants to read someone’s Trump derange syndrome.


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