Woman With Shovel Vandalizes Comal County Democratic Headquarters, NBPD Declines to Investigate

vandalized door
Comal County Democratic Party headquarters in New Braunfels was vandalized overnight by this woman, who tried to smash the front door by hitting it twice with a shovel. Security camera image courtesy of Comal County Democratic Party.
Comal County Democratic Party headquarters in New Braunfels was vandalized overnight by this woman, who tried to smash the front door by hitting it twice with a shovel. Security camera image courtesy of Comal County Democratic Party.

Somebody tried to break down the door at the Comal County Democratic Party headquarters in New Braunfels overnight but New Braunfels Police Department declined to investigate, telling party leaders to file an online police report instead.

Comal County Democratic headquartersDemocratic Party Chair Marilyn Aden said today police told her there is no reason for an official investigation since the break-in proved unsuccessful.

She said she is in the process of reviewing footage from security cameras and can clearly see a woman with brown hair, wearing a red top with black sleeves and black pants and blue sneakers, hitting the door twice with a shovel.

New Braunfels police did not immediately respond to a request for comment and referred MyCanyonLake.com to city Media Relations Coordinator David Ferguson, who also did not immediately respond.

Aden said after reviewing the video she left another message, this time with New Braunfels Police Chief Keith Lane.

4:48 p.m. update: Ferguson said the vandalism qualifies as misdemeanor-level criminal mischief because the damage is less than $2,500 and this is why Aden was asked to file an online report.

“All online police reports are reviewed by a police officer for the potential for further follow-up and investigation,” he said. “This report is currently being processed and will be reviewed for the presence of potential evidence. Our online reporting tool gives residents the ability to immediately file a report while allowing officers to remain available for calls that require an on-site response such as traffic accidents, domestic disturbances, and other in-progress calls.”

The vandalism was discovered this morning around 7:30 a.m by a Comal Democrat who showed up to buy a soft drink at the convenience store next to party headquarters at 1592 W. San Antonio Ave.

New Braunfels resident Justin Calhoun, who is running as a Democrat for Texas House District 73, which includes Comal County, said it’s time for residents to move past hate and anger.

“We live in a time where political opinions run deep,” he said. “We as Americans are allowed to voice those disagreements to each other, but violence should never be used to silence others. It’s time to move past the hate and anger in our community and get back to a place where we can set aside our disagreements to solve problems in ways that work for everyone.”

In a statement late this afternoon, Comal County Democrats said in a statement they believe the vandalism occurred sometime after volunteers and staff left the building at 5:30 p.m. Monday.

The building also is used by the Democrats of Comal County and the Democratic Women of Comal County.

“We live in an increasingly polarized society right now, and many of us do not see eye to eye about politics specifically,” Aden said. “But the New Braunfels community has always been able to get along and treat each other with respect and dignity, and it is important that we continue to do that. Regardless of how much we may disagree, it should not be necessary to resort to acts like this to make a point. We don’t know exactly what the motivation was of the person who committed this act of vandalism to our building—I would like to hope that it was a random act that was not directed towards us specifically. But if it was indeed directed towards the Comal County Democratic Party, then the people responsible need to consider the message they are sending about how to live in a civil society.”

(Editor’s note: This is a breaking news story that will be updated throughout the day as more information becomes available.)

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  1. After being terrorized by the Trump Train all last year – the same one that tried to run the Biden Bus off the road, this kind of event is effectively an act of terrorism! The elderly volunteer Democrats that often staff the office and greet visitors can not feel safe in this environment and to leave the office closed during the beginning of the Primary Season is a political outcome of this event.

    • Oh please. One grows so weary of your whining and drama. Get over yourself. You are past disgusting and childish.

  2. What? A crime is a crime. You could not convince me that this would have been handled the same way if it had occurred at the Republican site! Is New Braunfels police dept saying it’s Ok to vandalize if it is under $2500 value?

  3. Why is it the police won’t investigate!? That says a lot about the new braunfels police department! Apparently the police department is backing this lady, that is scary and the police department needs to be held accountable as well as the lady!

  4. She probably didn’t get to break enough glass at the January 6 insurrection, so this was her lame attempt to make up for it.

  5. These trumptrain wannabe autocrats are such a blight. They know they can’t win elections based on policy, so they try to do so through intimidation. They’re truly a “basket of deplorables”.

  6. The article says NBPD has an online reporting platform for misdemeanors and a police officer reviews all online reports and investigates. Read the article people.

  7. Where does it mention the NBPD will not be investigating this crime? They asked the victim to file the case online and further explained why they wanted it filed online. Misleading headline

  8. If I was the Chief, I’d be asking the night crew who missed this damage. After all, isn’t that what patrolling is all about ? Such a farce…

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