Opinion: LWV-CA Is Partisan, and the Group’s Belief in Voter Suppression Wrong

Carolyn Besselman
Carolyn Besselman is the former president of Canyon Lake Republican Women.

Carolyn Besselman is the former president of Canyon Lake Republican Women.

by Carolyn Besselman
former President, Canyon Lake Republican Women

I feel it’s time I weighed in on the Opinion piece that was published regarding the League of Women Voters-Comal Area (LWVCA) dated Dec. 30 and their so-called ‘nonpartisan’ message.

First of all, I guess this group wants to make sure everyone thinks they are nonpartisan. That word was mentioned three times in the article. While this is something this group touts very strongly, I couldn’t disagree more.

I have attended many of their Zoom meetings in the past and every single subject covered was as ‘partisan’ as it could be.

In this article, all that is implied is that people are having their voting rights restrained in some manner. This could not be further from the truth. I don’t have a problem voting nor have I encountered anyone else that does. I can go in person, vote by mail, or use curbside.

I have ‘oodles’ of time to do early voting on Election Day.

This bogus “suppression” mentality is just that — bogus.

I have yet to encounter anyone who has been able to explain to me how their voting rights are being suppressed. If this group continues to push this mentality here, they need to change their pitch.

Call it what it is … partisan.

(Editor’s Note: To read the Dec. 30, 2021 Opinion piece by Jerrie Champlin, president of League of Women Voters-Comal Area, click here.)

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  1. Let’s let the voters tell us in November how easy it is to cast a ballet rather than take the word of a partisan bureaucrat evangelist who helped change the voting rules.

  2. Here in the Houston metro area, thousands of mail in ballots got rejected, due to confusion over the unnecessary rule changes. This is a feature, not a bug. I had a valid medical reason to request a mail in ballot (temporarily unable to drive due to foot surgery), but I got a friend to drive me in Election Day because of these GOP shenanigans.

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